2021 Scholastic Art and Writing GASD Regional AWARD Notification



Gettysburg Area Middle School 


Addison Dunlop  Honorable Mention Short Story A Past Reunion

Gettysburg High School


Abigail Blaney Honorable Mention Mixed Media Beneath the Brave Face

Kaelyn Blocher Silver Key Sculpture My Older Wiser Self

 Karli Bortner Honorable Mention Photography "Leav-ing" the Way

Jonah Brainard Honorable Mention Photography Perfect Blur

Kennedy Brown Silver Key Mixed Media Through Covid Eyes

William Brubaker Honorable Mention Sculpture A Whale of A Good Time


 Haley Fratina

Gold Key Art Portfolio Main Course

Honorable Mention Digital Art YUME

Gold Key Digital Art the twins

Gold Key Digital Art rot with me.

 Silver Key Digital Art Loving Host

Silver Key Art Portfolio Dessert Girls

Silver Key Digital Art Decora Fashion

Silver Key Digital Art Lolita Fashion

Gold Key Digital Art Cybergoth Fashion


Mishel Guardascione

Honorable Mention Sculpture romanticist

Gold Key Sculpture beaded thoughts


Kim Heinzelmann

Gold Key Science Fiction & Fantasy Storm Risen

Honorable Mention Science Fiction & Fantasy Bloodletter

 Silver Key Flash Fiction Mastery


Aidan Kanne

Gold Key, Visions Nominee Photography Sunset serenity

Honorable Mention Art Portfolio Reflections In Nature

Honorable Mention Photography Enchanted waters

Honorable Mention Photography Illuminated Confinement

Silver Key Photography Illuminated Lines

Silver Key Photography Inverted Illusion

Honorable Mention Photography Baby Blue View

Honorable Mention Art Portfolio Architectural Lines

Honorable Mention Photography The Old Brick House

Honorable Mention Photography Williamsburg Flame


Lynne Koslofsky Honorable Mention Critical Essay The Curability of Pedophilia

Alexa Leandro Gold Key, Visions Nominee Photography Solwind


Ash Pericles

Honorable Mention Painting Friendly Portrait

Silver Key Mixed Media Girl with the Baby Earring

Rebekah Reaver Gold Key Poetry Growing, Growing, Gone


Malina Reber

Silver Key Poetry Rare

                Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration Amphiprion ocellaris

 Silver Key Comic Art Thank You

Gabriella Shelleman-Wetzel Honorable Mention Drawing & Illustration Crazy Clowns


Olivia Sica

Silver Key Photography Lost Marina

Silver Key Photography Icicle Fang

Silver Key Photography Wheat in the Wind

Honorable Mention Art Portfolio Silhouettes


 Each year - high school and middle school creative art and writing is juried through the Pennsylvania Regional Scholastic Art and Writing contest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  GASD's student art and writing pieces are digitally submitted for competition against thousands of entries entered by their peers (the list of the 2021 MS/HS regional winners are below). Our regional winners are in - what a list!!!  And, the  Gold Key winners - Haley Frantina, Mishel Guardiscione, Kim Heinzelmann, Aidan Kanne, Alexa Leandro, and Rebekah Reaver will move on to represent GASD nationally. Even MORE good news...  Aidan Kanne and Alexa Leandro have secured - American Vision Award Nomination Status!  

What do these awards MEAN?

Gold Key The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition

Silver Key Stand-out works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.

Honorable Mention Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.

American Visions & Voices Nominees Five works, from across all categories and grades, are selected from those earning Gold Keys as the “Best-of-Show” for each local program as nominees for the American Visions & Voices Medals. 

Be sure to wish all of the following Middle School and High School "creatives" well when you see them:  (Here is a link to the names and faces of all that entered the high school level competition.)

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