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Staff Spotlight: Sharon Martin, Secretary

Sharon Martin Sharon Martin has been working for the Gettysburg Area School District for nearly 26 years. Hired in 1993, Sharon began her tenure as the high school budget secretary, which was in the same building that occupies Lincoln Elementary School today. In December 1998, the high school moved to its current location on Old Harrisburg Road and in 2000 after the birth of her daughter Kaitlin, she transferred to Lincoln Elementary school where she has been working for nearly 19 years.


“An elementary school office is definitely the hub of the school,” Sharon said. “Each day you work with students, parents and teachers. I don’t know if everyone realizes how much we work with other individuals inside and outside the district.”


Aside from working with departments from technology to transportation, Sharon also interacts with outside agencies from Big Brothers/Big Sisters to Ruth’s Harvest.


Sharon said her favorite part of the job is the relationships she develops with students and their families alike. “Now that Lincoln is a K-5 elementary school, those relationships last for 6 years,” Sharon explained. “If you think about it, that is almost half of a student’s public education life. During those 6 years you see so many changes whether it be physically or academically.”


Witnessing a students development from kindergarten into a young adolescent is a highlight of her job. "Parents and students become your friends and even after they move on from Lincoln Elementary that bond still remains,” Sharon mentioned.


Sharon said she’s a team player and offers to help whenever a project or task needs to be completed. “We all succeed when we work as a team,” she exclaimed.


Along with teamwork comes a bountiful sense of humor, and at times, laughing at herself. “Having a fun working atmosphere makes work not seem like work,” Sharon exclaimed. “It also helps when you have a great principal and co-workers!”


Finally, when Sharon isn’t at work, she loves to be outside doing yard work and gardening. “I know some may also find this hard to believe but I love to clean.  My cordless Dyson has become my best friend,” she concluded.