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Staff Spotlight: Dianne Weikert, Supervisor of Custodians

Dianne Weikert has been employed by the Gettysburg Area School District for 33 years. During her tenure, she’s done a lot. She began her career as an evening part-time custodian, then a full-time day custodian in the high school. Thereafter, she became the acting head custodian at the high school before transferring as a head custodian to an elementary school. For nearly the past four years, she’s been the custodial supervisor for all of the custodians in the district who are tasked with keeping everything looking top notch.


Dianne is a very dedicated employee and says working around students is one of the main reasons she’s been with the district for so many years. “I enjoyed working at the High School during the time my children went through school and getting to know their friends,” Dianne said. “Then I went to Lincoln Elementary and worked around smaller students it was a completely different atmosphere, lots of energy and noise. Now I see those Lincoln students at the High School and think where did the time go?”


While Dianne doesn’t get to work around students as much these days since she’s mainly in the administration building, she does get to see the kids occasionally. “I miss working directly around the kids but I can always stop by any of the schools to touch base with the students,” she added.


When Dianne isn’t at work, you can find her spending time with her grandchildren, who she says is her life and energy. She also likes to craft. “My hobby is card making. I love to make cards for all occasions, it is my therapy,” Dianne said. “We have a joke since I've been making cards for so long and bought so much "stuff" for making cards, I would need to sell the cards for $100.00 to get any return for my money.”