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Staff Spotlight: Vickie Saltzer, HS Librarian


Vickie Saltzer, GAHS Librarian


Vickie Saltzer, HS Librarian As Vickie Saltzer is well into her 22nd year working in education, she’s seen many changes, specifically in the library. “Many people do not realize that the library from yesteryear is not the current library,” Saltzer said during an interview. “I have strived to make the GAHS library a place where students can find current information, work collaboratively, and grow academically.”


Saltzer said she planned and arranged the library to facilitate a multi-purpose environment where a variety of learning activities can transpire. “I work with a variety of teachers and classes on projects, instructing them on how to use technology and research skills.”


Part of what shaped Saltzer’s vision for the future of the GAHS library was her tireless work on the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA), which she is still involved with. Members volunteer on the board to work through issues affecting school libraries and to enhance the services provided by the organization. This past summer, PSLA held a summit to write a new mission, something that Saltzer was involved in doing. “This work is both beneficial to Saltzer’s professional growth and also to the students in Pennsylvania schools,” wrote the PSLA president in a letter to the district.


“Through my professional activities, I help other librarians develop and grow in their librarianship,” Saltzer said. “In addition, my work in the PSLA helps to promote the benefit of having full-time school librarians available to students.”


In addition to serving on the PSLA, Saltzer was invited to join the seven-member national board for ProQuest, one of the top three database companies for K-12 in the United States. Some of her duties on the board deal with providing advice and guidance regarding various facets of its development and functionality.

Back in the library, Saltzer helps students foster the skills needed to take them beyond high school. “I love helping (students) find and use quality resources to expand their learning and instruction.,” she wrote. “Sometimes, students and teachers will come to me with a challenging search for information or an instructional need, and it is the highlight of my day when I can serve them.”


In addition to traditional roles, Saltzer has worked with the autistic support class to run a small coffee shop in the library. It helps those students learn job skills and provides funding for field trips. Additionally, she works with two independent study materials students to build flexible furniture for the library. They have designed three tables using Corian material donated by ASST, a local business in the county.


Saltzer’s work as a high school librarian will continue to evolve as she continues her tenure with the district. Students and staff alike are appreciative of her supportiveness and willingness to assist with her wide-ranging abilities.