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New Immunization Regulations for 2017/2018 School Year

  • For children in ALL grades: 4 doses of accellular pertussis (whopping cough) are now required. This is typically administered in combination with diptheria and tetanus by the time a child is 5-years-old. 


  • For students entering Grade 7: MCV and Tdap are already required for 7th grade. Because they are single dose vaccines or the first dose of a series, they must be completed by the first day of school. 


  • For students entering grade 12: A second meningoccal vaccine (MCV) is now required. The first MCV is already a state requirement into 7th grade. 


  • School attendance/Exclusion: A parent must provide written proof to the school nurse that the required immunizations were given, a written plan signed by a doctor indicating when the required immunizations will be given before the first day of school or within the first five days of school year or a signed letter of exemption. Otherwise, the child may be excluded from school for not meeting these requirements.


  • Don't Wait. Vaccinate.