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A message from the school principal

As the 2018-19 school year comes to a close there is much on my mind. More than anything I am consumed with thoughts of the phenomenal students who walk the halls of James Gettys daily and how to make their experiences the very best they can be. There are some really neat traditions to maintain and enhance and, as in all educational facilities, changes that need to happen to keep up with the 21st-century skills that our kids need to thrive in the ever-changing economic landscape.

I thank those of you who have welcomed me, gotten to know me and helped me understand the valued culture of Gettysburg Area School District. I also thank those of you who have openly discussed your concerns.

My goal in every aspect of life and more so in my professional life is to capitalize on what’s right and good and work as hard as possible to improve what’s not. As this school year comes to a close and you reflect with your child on the year they had please take a minute to share with me so that the administrative piece of the puzzle fits together with the vision and needs of James Gettys Elementary School. My email address is and the office is open from 7- 5 Monday to Thursday if you’d like to make an appointment to chat.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.

Yours in Education, Mrs. Lisa Royek


School participates in “One Book, One School”

As part of the “One Book, One School” initiative, students across the school read the book Mistakes That Worked. The book details dozens of inventions and how they came to be, even through the obstacles and quirky beginnings. Some of the inventions include silly putty, Coca-Cola, x-rays and potato chips.

As part of the schoolwide morning meeting, students split up into different classrooms where they re-created various inventions from silly putty to placing sticky notes around the school with positive messages to their favorite teachers.


Race for Education takes foot at James Gettys

James Gettys Race for Education took place on May 3 for grades K-2 and May 8 for grades 3-5. Fortunately, we had very comfortable running weather! James Gettys students, teachers, staff, and families ran, jogged, and walked for 40- 45 minutes around the school fields in memory of Zach Miller. All the students wore their class color Race for Education t-shirts, so we were very colorful! Students ran 3,176 laps!

Thank you to all the supporters of the Race for Education. This year, it is to help fund “One Book One School” and PTO sponsored field trips for James Gettys students. Sponsors for prizes for Race for Education are Target, Gateway Theatre, Giant, Kennies, and Dominos

$25.00 Target Card winners:

Kindergarten- Sarah Parise

1 st Grade- Destiny Carroll

2 nd Grade- Kamden Murray

3 rd Grade- Peyton Kelley

4 th Grade- Liam Murphy

5 th Grade- Bennett Rudisill

Gateway Movie Family of four-ticket winner:

Kindergarten- Savannah Dick

In the afternoon, all students participated in Field day stations. Fifth grade students ran and helped at the K-2 students Field Day, and Middle School students helped with our 3-5 students multiage book groups for their Field Day. Stations included; a variety of games, track and field events, a create a glider K-2, and story/ice pop.

I hope all families have a happy, healthy exercising summer!

~ Mrs. Pecaitis


A message from the school nurse

To parents of all fifth-grade students,

A physical exam is required under Pennsylvania School Health Law for EVERY student entering grade SIX. This physical should be completed and the form returned to the Middle School Health Room prior to Sixth Grade Camp in October. Some students get physicals over the summer for sports, camp, ect. This form can be completed at the same time. (Any well-child physical done within one year prior to the start of sixth grade is acceptable) Also, please note that there have been changes to the School Immunization Laws that require students to have their Tdap (tetanus) and MCV (meningitis) immunizations completed prior to the first day of 7th grade. Therefore, it is ideal to receive them, if appropriate, during the 6th grade physical.

Once again another school year is coming to a close. I have a couple of reminders for all parents. Please remember to pick up all student medications from the health room, they will not be sent home with your child. If your child needs to take medication during school hours next year we will need a new form completed by the doctor with the dosage and frequency. All medication must be brought to school in the original container by a parent or guardian.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at 717-334-6254 option 5 Ext. 1227 or

Have a wonderful summer, stay active and have fun.

Melissa Weikert, RN


Career Day provides insight to students

James Gettys Elementary held its Career Day on May 10th. We had 16 volunteers present about their careers with several objectives in mind: broaden the students’ understanding of some of the possibilities in the world of work; help the students to recognize how reading, writing, math, and science connect to real-world applications; and emphasize to students that good work habits, good character, and “people skills” are important for success in any job. We had a wide variety of presenters whose careers included, among others: building trades, professors, health care professionals, business owners, law enforcement, and military. The James Gettys’ community is so grateful for these presenters’ contributions!


Flouride no longer offered by the district

Next school year, 2019-2020, Gettysburg Area School District will no longer be able to offer the fluoride tablet program. Students who signed up to take it will continue to take it for the remainder of the school year, but it will not be available next year. The reason for the discontinuation of this program is that it is no longer available for purchase in bulk from the previous supplier. It is still very important for your child’s dental health, so I would recommend contacting your child’s dentist or primary care physician to obtain a prescription so that your child can begin to take it this summer and next school year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 717-334-6254, or mschneider@gasd-pa. org. Thank you!

Micki Schneider, RDH
School Dental Hygienist