• All Tech Prep programs are recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a “Program of Study”.

    Program of Study graduates who meet the following conditions are eligible for articulated credit at many community colleges in Pennsylvania:

    1. Complete all tasks on the Program of Study task list with proficiency
    2. Score Advanced or Competent on the NOCTI exam
    3. Earn at least a 2.5 GPA in their technical courses
    4. Graduate and enroll at the college granting the articulated credit

    To view which colleges participate in articulated credit, click this link:  

    Program of Study Articulated Credit

    You will need to know the CIP code for your program.

    • Allied Health – 51.9999
    • Building Trades – 46.9999
    • Computer Networking – 11.0901
    • Culinary Arts – 12.0508
    • Diesel Mechanics – 47.0613
    • Early Learning – 19.0708
    • Law Enforcement – 43.0107