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Dr. Jason Perrin
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Jane Collins
  • Jane Collins
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  • Greetings from the Gettysburg Area School District Administration Building!  As we welcome the Fall season, I am thankful for the opportunity to reach out to each of you in my role as Superintendent of Schools.  By way of introduction, my name is Jason, and I joined the district community in early July.  The first three months have been extremely positive, and I appreciate the welcome from many of you who have reached out during that time.  I am thankful for the assistance and support offered by Dr. Larry Redding, who without question, loves this school district and community, and has provided leadership during his tenure that has translated to positive experiences for students.  It is an honor, privilege and pleasure to be following Dr. Redding, in service to the community and the students in our charge.  

    Though my current role is administrative in title and nature, I am an educator at heart and by trade.  I had the opportunity to begin my journey in public education as a science teacher for both the Greenwich Public Schools, in Greenwich CT, and the Pine-Richland School District, in Gibsonia, PA.  Most recently, I spent the past seventeen years serving the State College Area School District, in State College, PA, in a variety of leadership and administrative roles.  My instructional background, relationships with colleagues and students over the years, and passion for public education, remain the foundation for my current work, and fuel my desire for the work that we will do together.

    My passion for public education was born out of personal experiences.  I would describe public education as the most significant moral prerogative that society must effectively provide in order to prepare each student for all students journey after high school, while strengthening our democracy.  I was fortunate to have access to a quality public education and supportive community while growing up in Western PA, thus I know the impact it can have on a young person.  Though I received my moral compass and learned plenty of life’s lessons from my parents (sometimes the hard way), my public school provided vast curricular and extracurricular experiences, the ability to explore my strengths and areas of passion, and, most importantly, the ability to dream.  I will forever be thankful for the experiences provided by my school district and community and I wish the same experiences for every single student in the Gettysburg Area School District.  It is this wish and desire that make my feet hit the ground each and every morning.

    Quality public schools require support from quality communities.  As I explored making Gettysburg my home and professional destination, one of the most significant factors that I considered was the relationship between the school district and the greater community.  Through research, and many conversations, it became apparent to me that this community is proud of its schools and very supportive of the efforts in providing quality programming for students.  My decision became an easy one.  The aforementioned support requires the efforts of everyone.  Whether you are a district employee, a parent, or a resident of the district community, you are on Team Gettysburg- and our students benefit from your efforts and investment.  

    As with any quality team, effective communication is paramount for future success.  It is my goal, in the coming months and years to communicate the happenings, successes, and challenges of the district, to not only inform, but to bolster support and enhance the ongoing relationship between the school district and the community as a whole.  There are several avenues currently in place to follow the news of the Gettysburg Area School District.  Please access our website at gettysburg.k12.pa.us for general information and current priorities.  You can also follow me (the Superintendent) on twitter at: @GASDSuperone.  The school district also has Twitter and Instagram accounts that is utilized to spotlight district events, they are both found at @GASD_PA respectively.  We look forward to communicating with you via these and other avenues and always welcome new ideas and ways to reach our community audience and team members.  

    Over the past couple of months, I have had numerous conversations with students, district personnel, parents, and community members.  During many of these conversations I have asked three questions: What are we doing well that we should continue doing?  What are we doing that we can do better? What are we doing that we should stop doing?  The conversations have been valuable as I continue to learn about the district and community.  The underlying theme in all of the responses has been (to paraphrase):  “We are a great school district and we want to get better.”  I know I am in the right place!  It is my personal goal to get a little bit better each day and it is my goal as Superintendent to work with all members of our team to make the district a little bit better each day and year.  Small increments of growth for each of us will translate to significant growth for the organization and for the experiences of our students.  

    These are truly exciting times, and it is a pleasure to be working with each and every member of our team, including each of you in the Gettysburg Area School District community.  We will be successful, and we will be successful together on behalf of students.  I am proud to be a member of Team Gettysburg!


    Best Regards,

    Jason C. Perrin, D.Ed.

Dr. Christine Lay
  • Dr. Christine Lay
    Assistant Superintendent
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Joann Mickley
  • Joann Mickley
    Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent
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