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Dr. Larry Redding
  • Dr. Larry Redding


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Jane Collins
  • Jane Collins

    Secretary to the Superintendent

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  • Communication is Key!


    The Gettysburg Area School District strives to build multiple connections with parents, students, community members and the casual visitor in numerous ways.

    Our favorite way to communicate with our stakeholders is through face-to-face conversations!  If you visit a building, attend a school event or see our staff at a community function - ask questions, make observations and gather first-hand knowledge about our outstanding programs and services.  Our primary communication goal is to create broad community support for all students in our public schools.  We want to create a well-informed, active constituency and we want to build stronger public schools through stronger community partnerships.

    When you can’t be in the audience, on the bleachers, or in the buildings, you can stay connected via multiple platforms.  We maintain a webpage, have a Facebook site, we’re connected to Twitter and we regularly submit stories to the local newspaper.  Our individual teachers and classrooms connect with the families they work with using digital resources and our District maintains an all-call system to contact families with time-sensitive school activities or emergency situations.  And if you have a question for a specific staff member – we all have phone numbers and email accounts, too!

    Your involvement in supporting the efforts of our students is extremely important.  I encourage you to be an active, vocal and positive presence at school events. Take time to attend the sporting events and cheer for our student-athletes. Be in the audience for the Fine Arts programs and applaud the talent of our young men and women.  Visit the classrooms and talk to our outstanding faculty and staff about the academic progress of your son, daughter, step-child, or grandchild. Join the PTO or parent advisory groups and volunteer for a school activity or chaperone on a field trip.  Attend a School Board Meeting. Your involvement does make a difference.

    Most importantly, thank you for being an advocate for Gettysburg Area School District public schools and helping our students achieve their academic goals.

    I look forward to seeing you at as many activities that your hectic schedules will permit!!!

    With Maroon and White Pride,


    Larry R. Redding, D.Ed.

    Superintendent of Schools


Dr. Christine Lay
  • Dr. Christine Lay

    Assistant Superintendent

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Joann Mickley
  • Joann Mickley

    Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent

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