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    GAHS Families - 


    “It was a sunny day.” You may or may not understand why I’m starting with that. It’s a line I borrow on occasion from a former student… and there’s a story that goes along with it.


    It’s actually rather beautiful out, and I hope you are all finding a way to enjoy it. I also hope that it was a good day of learning for our high school students. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the message I posted late last night, “Our building may not be open on Friday, but there are open opportunities to learn!!! We’ve gotta stay positive and we’ve gotta keep learning like Warriors! Stay motivated! Stay engaged! And work to get better each day!!! Hoping to be back in GAHS on 9/23! #GoWarriors.”


    Monday and Tuesday need to be meaningful learning days as well. Teachers will outline plans in Canvas as they offer a wide variety of learning experiences. Students must remain attentive and communicate with their teachers through Canvas, zoom, email, or whatever means necessary. Make the most of the opportunities in front of you, and do not be afraid to create your own. Most importantly, ASK when you have questions. 


    One important item to note is that we are offering breakfasts and lunches at the high school on Monday from 9-10 AM. Students will receive 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches. Best yet, it’s free. Just drive right up to the front of the school, stay in your vehicle, and the food will be delivered to you. 


    We hope to be back in the building on Wednesday. Despite this shutdown, I am confident in the model we have created at the high school. Our students and staff have truly worked hard to be safe at school. We must remain diligent and dedicated to practices that should allow us the best chance of staying open. Masks, space, and hygiene are proven to be effective in creating an environment of sustainable safety. While we cannot control the world beyond our school, we will continue to work hard to be responsible in all that we are asked to do for our students and our school community. 


    I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. Be ready to learn on Monday! 


    #BeHere   #BeInvolved   #BeCommitted   #BeKind   -   #WarriorWay




    Jeremy Lusk


    Gettysburg Area High School



    Warrior Way



    GAHS Families - 


    We continue to make progress in terms of settling into the 2020-2021 school year. With each passing day, we feel grateful to #BeHere, working together to grow and achieve. Our students in the building have generally done a great job of helping to promote safe practices. We will need to continue to focus on doing what it takes to keep the doors of Gettysburg Area High School open. This will require an ongoing effort by everyone involved in our school community.


    Our team of educators is working hard to connect with ALL learners each and every day. Last week, our efforts centered on building relationships, establishing norms, and getting oriented to our systems and platforms (Canvas). This week, academic content is beginning to flow. While it’s understood that it will take time for all of us to adjust to the differences in the 2020-2021 school year, we all need to #BeInvolved with promoting the mindset that “a school day is a school day.” This is true whether a student is in the building or learning remotely. We have plenty of learning to do this school year. Every day counts. 


    Now is the time for students to #BeCommitted to their own path. No pathway is without challenges and obstacles. It will sometimes be tempting for our fully remote learners (GASD Online) to wish for some of the experiences that are more easily created in a “brick and mortar” school building. At the same time, there will be students within our hybrid model that will sometimes rather stay at home than attend as assigned on a face-to-face day. It’s important for ALL of our students to settle into a mindset and routine within their chosen plan that creates a pathway to success.  At this point, we hope everyone is locked in on a plan that works best for them. Our school staff is here to guide and support, but our learners must seize the reigns of their own educational plan. Our goal is to empower learners and mold Warriors who are capable of accomplishing their own goals.  


    Lastly, we must continue to #BeKind. We were reminded in recent days of our collective need to promote positive interactions (both in-person and electronically) between people throughout our school community. It was brought to our attention that students may be sharing a viral video posted by a military veteran that contains tragically violent content (self-harm). Disturbing content of videos and other such materials can lead to undue stress and elicit emotions that are difficult to manage without support. As always, we are here to help. Students are always welcome to contact their school counselors whenever it’s necessary to schedule a time to talk. We are fortunate to have a school full of caring adults… a constant in a world of uncertainty. 


    Thank you again for supporting our students and partnering with us. 


    #BeHere, #BeInvolved, #BeCommitted, #BeKind - #WarriorWay


    Go Warriors!


    Jeremy Lusk


    Gettysburg Area High School


    GAHS - Specific Updates and Upcoming Events 



    GASD Online Learners:

    • Students in 9-12 will use the learning platform Canvas for their learning experiences.  

    They will:

      • Check in with their grade-level adviser through Canvas either in the morning (7:05 to 7:35 AM) OR the afternoon (2:35 to 3:05 PM). These advisors can serve as liaisons to the school for our online learners. 
      • Participate in all courses each day Monday through Friday for a minimum of 4 hours (240 minutes) each 24 hour period M-F (12:00 am - 11:59 pm)
      • Complete a variety of asynchronous learning activities  -such as, but not limited to - discussion posts, assignments, assessments, other online or offline activities
      • Participate in synchronous sessions as scheduled by individual teachers or requested by students
      • Check Canvas daily and reply to teacher communications within 24 hours (M-F)
      • Communicate questions or concerns with the teacher via Canvas Inbox or Gmail (if using Gmail, check for responses daily).
        • Students may be marked absent for failing to complete the daily assigned tasks outlined above. 

    Hybrid Learners:

    • Students in 9-12 are expected to be physically present for all scheduled courses on assigned face-to-face learning days. Students will use the learning platform Canvas for their learning experiences on remote learning days.  
      • Attendance will be taken each class period to account for students scheduled for face-to-face learning. 
      • Students will check in daily and complete assigned tasks on Canvas in a timely manner, as directed by the teacher. 
        • Students may be marked absent for failing to complete the daily assigned tasks on remote learning days. 

    ALL Learners:

    • All students in 9-12 (both Hybrid and GASD Online) are expected to be in attendance on Friday(s). This will start with a check-in on CANVAS for each course. While Zoom may be the preferred method, attendance may also include a discussion board or a similar element. The following schedule will be used on Friday(s).
          • Mod 1-8:30-9:00
          • Mod 2-9:15-9:45
          • Mod 3-10:00-10:30
          • Mod 4-10:45-11:15
          • Mod 5-11:30-12:00

    Attendance Notes (Excuses) - 

    Parents/Guardians should provide an excuse when a student is unable to attend school (physically or remotely) as expected. It is preferred that these notes are submitted electronically through Skyward when possible. Here is a LINK to directions for this process. 


    Supplies/Materials for GASD Online Learners - 

    Please remember that you are able to pick up supplies and/or materials provided by teachers for online learners on FRIDAYS. This will include Picture Day forms this Friday. 


    School Picture Day(s) - 

    School pictures are scheduled for September 16 and 17. Picture forms are being sent home with/for students throughout this week. GASD Online learners are welcome to come in for pictures. All questions about school pictures should be sent to Brenda McDannell at bmcdannell@gasd-pa.org. Please know that safety will continue to be a top priority as we facilitate school pictures. 


    Here’s the LINK to our website, with information on SENIOR portraits. 


    Meet the Teachers of GAHS - 

    In lieu of the traditional “Back to School” night that is typically scheduled near the beginning of each school year, you should expect to see “Meet the Teacher” videos from your student’s teachers. You will receive an introductory message on Monday (9/14) from the GAHS administration. We will outline our goals for the school year. This building message will be followed by teacher messages, arriving in your inbox between 9/15 and 9/17. It will be critical for parents/guardians to forge a solid working relationship with teachers to help maximize the success of students. Communication is key. #BeInvolved


    Parent/Teacher Conferences - 

    Parents are invited to schedule conferences with teachers. Conferences are scheduled for September 29 from 3-6:30 PM. Sign-ups will begin next week via the high school webpage (Quick Links). Conferences will be conducted virtually via Zoom. 



    Warrior Way



    GAHS Families – 


    Here’s a link to a quick back to school video message from Mr. Lusk… LINK 


    The Gettysburg Area High School staff is looking forward to the start of school!! We are excited for Monday!! It has been an extremely busy summer, and the pace intensified dramatically in recent weeks. We have tried to work with families, as many have tried to settle in on an educational placement that works best for them, considering many variables. There have been a lot of changes, leading to a chain reaction of system(s) updates. We will continue to make sure that everything aligns correctly for students and families throughout the week. 


    The first week is intentionally designed to build connections, develop essential skills, introduce building procedures (hybrid schedules), orient online learners to new processes that will continue to evolve and improve, and introduce Canvas to all learners. Most specific course content will kick off on Friday. If there are technical issues, scheduling issues, or ANY kind of issue, we will be working toward solutions all week (and beyond). Communicate any troubles as needed, and we will figure it out.


    Here are specific notes and reminders…


    Student/Staff Safety -

    • An important message was sent out from GASD on Thursday related to SAFETY and WELLNESS. Here’s a LINK to a PDF copy of that message. 
      • To stay SAFE means to stay OPEN! And that’s what we WANT for the WARRIOR community!


    Student Arrival

    • Bus riders should enter at the main entrance and report directly to Mod 1. Try to look at your schedule in advance. 
      • Feel free to pick up a Grab-N-Go breakfast before reporting to Mod 1.
    • Students getting dropped off should enter at either end of the building (gym or auditorium). Drivers should utilize driveway circles. Please drive safely. 
    • Student drivers can park in the lot closest to the auditorium, the empty stone lot, or the center lot that is farthest from the building. 
      • Parking tag registration can be done via the high school website. Here’s the LINK
        • Payment is not needed in advance for parking tags. Billing will come at a later date (not to exceed $20 for the school year). 
        • Parking tag enforcement will not begin until after the first two weeks of school. 

    Reminders for Connecting on Monday

    • Copy of message to A-Schedule Students/Families sent Thursday… LINK
    • Copy of message to B-Schedule Students/Families sent Thursday… LINK
    • Copy of message to GASD Online Students/Families sent Thursday… LINK


    Technology Issues? -

    Let’s work together for a positive start on Monday! If we continue to work together, we can make this a GREAT year for the Gettysburg Area High School Community! Let’s be mindful and #BeSafe, and let’s always remember what we are about...


    #BeHere, #BeInvolved, #BeCommitted, #BeKind - #WarriorWay


    Go Warriors!


    Jeremy Lusk


    Gettysburg Area High School