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    We can't award you scholarships if you don't apply!

    Since 2005, Gettysburg Area Dollars for Scholars has awarded over $1,195,305 in scholarships to more than 767 students You probably know many of the 63 students who received scholarships in 2020! And more than $130,000 will be available to students in the Class of 2021!

    You can start building your profile online as early as 9th grade. Take the time to describe your extracurricular activities, awards, and jobs each year, and then it will be easy to complete your application as a senior.

    The other two critical pieces of the application are:

    • Completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid); and
    • Getting a teacher, guidance counselor, or other reference to write a recommendation

    Bookmark this page on gettysburgdfs.org; it's where you create your profile and then log in to continue to work on your application.

    Dollars for Scholars chapters across the nation create possibilities on the grassroots level, raising money in communities to help make the dreams of attending college or trade school a reality for local students. In 1958, Dr. Irving Fradkin founded Dollars for Scholars with the winning idea that if everyone in his hometown gave a dollar, they could help more students go to college. This concept continues to hold true today. 

    Our community provides an incredible amount of support to ensure that students can pursue their educational aspirations. We are so appreciative of the generous response to our fundraising efforts, especially the annual "A Lincoln for a Lincoln" campaign. Every dollar goes toward scholarships to graduating seniors.

    Don't miss this opportunity! Apply for scholarships through Gettysburg Area Dollars for Scholars.