• Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement Courses at Gettysburg Area High School
    All Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses designed to prepare students for Advanced Placement tests. Depending upon how well a student does on the respective AP examination given in May, he or she may receive college credit in a particular subject area. Students electing to take an AP course are required to take the examination and pay for the cost (approximately $86.00). Students may apply for financial assistance. Payment of the fee can be made in three installments. Failure to pay the fee will result in an Incomplete being assigned for
    the class grade until the fee is paid.
    Students desiring to take AP courses need to be highly motivated and should have experienced a high degree of success in non-AP versions of the course. Students will be required to do a great deal of reading, writing, and high-level problem solving. Students will also be required to complete assignments given over the summer vacation.
    Please see each individual course description for guidelines regarding summer work assignments. Assignments should be given to the teacher of the AP course. Exceptions may be granted by the teacher with the approval of the administration for extenuating circumstances only. Students failing to meet the deadlines for summer work will be automatically placed in a regular academic version of the course.
    Additional information can be obtained from individual teachers or from the building AP coordinator Beth Polk in the counseling office.
    AP Program