• 24/7 Laptop Program


    Gettysburg Area High School is pleased to offer laptops through a 24/7 computing initiative. This initiative provides students and their families a valuable tool that will give them access to a variety of positive resources available in our technology driven society. With this technology comes increased student responsibility and expectations.

    The primary mission of the 24/7 Laptop Program is to transform teaching, learning, and assessment at Gettysburg Area High School. A new generation of students expects a learning environment that integrates today's digital tools, accommodates a mobile lifestyle, adapts to individual learning styles, and encourages collaboration and teamwork. The GASD School Board, along with the Staff and Administrators of Gettysburg Area High School, is pleased to support this educational opportunity for students starting in grades 9 – 12 which will strive to meet these expectations and prepare students for their future.

    Through the use of technology, the 24/7 Laptop Program will focus on improving student engagement, achievement, and acquisition of digital age skills. (from the National Educational Technology Standards) including:

    • Creativityand innovation
    • Communicationand collaboration
    • Researchand information fluency
    • Criticalthinking, problem solving, and decision making
    • Technologyoperations and concepts
    • Enhanceteacher instruction and student learning in the following ways:
    • Increasestudent achievement 
    • Increasestudent engagement 
    • Increase academicrigor
    • Increasestudent attendance
    • Increasestudent interest in school
    • Increasepersonal responsibility
    • Increasestudent accountability in the learning process
    • Make an accessiblelearning tool available 24/7
    • Improveteaching methods 
    • Revisecurrent educational curriculum
    • Differentiateinstruction in the classroom using technology to facilitate the classroom structure and, when applicable, instruction
    • To“level the playing field” allowing equal access to technology for allour student population
    • Providestudents, families, and the community with a variety ofpositive resources and programs in GASD.
    • Builda bridge between the school and community by producinggraduates who will be prepared to serve the community throughlifelong learning.