• Procedures for Requesting the Use of GASD School Facilities


    For questions related to facility use, please call Brittany Bove at (717) 334-6254, ext. 1214. 


Please refer to the following documents:

  • The following is the procedure for the use of school facilities:

    1. The requesting organization completes the ‘Application for Facilities Rental" form for each event. An event may be a single date or multiple dates for the same activity. For example, a scout meeting occurring every Monday and Wednesday from September 1 through June 1 is a single event. This form is to be submitted to the building principal's office 30-days prior to the event and should be signed by the person(s) who will be on-site for the event. This form can also be completed online by clicking here

    2. The request is routed to school district officials for review and approval. The event contact person will be notified via email that the request is either confirmed or denied. The confirmation will include an estimate of any applicable fees. Should the requested location already be booked, a district official will notify the contact person to attempt to find another date and/or location.

    3. Upon approval of the event, an invoice (if applicable) will be sent to the organization's billing address identified on the annual registration form. This invoice must be paid no later than two weeks prior to the first use. A reconciliation and final bill or credit for the following year will be calculated following the event.

    4. The event contact person is responsible for notifying the building principal's office of any changes and/or cancellations to the schedule. Failure to cancel an event less than 5 days from the scheduled event date will not release the organization of the applicable charges.