• GAMS PTO Meeting Minutes 

    September 8th, 2021, 7pm 

    Location: Zoom; Meeting ID 223 293 7394, Passcode: GAMS 

    Roll Call: Rose Ladonea, Smitha Nair, Noah Stachelek, Lucretia (sp), Jen Daniels, Andrea Lamer, Linsie Jonas, Jen (2) 

    A month in Review: 

    • Prepared Warrior Wardrobe for 2021-2022 students 

    ○ Jennifer Daniels and Andrea Lamer are new POCs 

    • Donated 800 freeze pops for first day of school 
    • Opened SignUpGenius for annual volunteers 
    • Back to School (canceled) 
    • Pre-ordered spiritwear for Back to School Night (20 hoodies, 10 masks, 14 tees) ● Purchased fidgets to sell at Back to School Night (returned) 
    • Updated spiritwear site and opened for sales - OPEN 

    Upcoming Events (Sep/Oct): 

    • Spiritwear FOR SALE NOW, close out 10/1, approx 10/15 delivery if not on hand ○ Linsie maintaining spirit wear sales, site and orders 
    • Dutch Mill Bulbs - 

    https://www.dutchmillbulbs.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/2021-Fall-Flower-Bulbs-Fu ndraising-Brochures.pdf 

    ○ Consensus, yes, run bulb sale - open ASAP, close 10/1, Linsie to lead. ● Restaurant fundraisers monthly 

    ○ Choose month/restaurant for year 

    ○ Options: Tommy’s, Hoss’, Friendly’s, Mod Pizza, Mr. G’s, Texas Roadhouse ○ Establish dates and clear with VP 

    ○ Smitha will lead 

    • SCRIP - Stacey was unable to attend but Lucretia has researched some and will lead effort to get us signed up for SCRIP 
    • Blake Leatherman - support and/or fundraiser 

    ○ Decided on PennyWar which Mr. Stachelek agreed 

    ○ War by team votes (all teams and Princ/VP on separate jars for votes - 9 total) ○ Reward will be pie in the face or full team 

    ○ PTO (Smitha) to coordinate with Student Council Ms Dougherty and 

    Schwartzbeck 9/15 

    ○ Lucretia/Smitha/Rose to acquire jars 

    ○ War open Sep 20-24 

    ○ Student council to advertise and complete daily count 

    ○ Joy Gunert can print pics for jars 

    ○ Count all cash daily by student council and final count by Jen 9/27-29

    • Warrior Wardrobe: Update and plan for year - Andrea/Jen 

    ○ Rooms are in use by staff! 

    ○ POCs recommended google form like StitchFix where they will gather clothes and make box for pickup, or that a parent/child can submit for access 

    ■ Andrea/Jen to create form and we will pass to Joy for distro 

    ○ Recommended open hours once monthly to start 

    ○ Discuss washing in the future 


    Beginning Balance $520.53 

    Strickland spiritwear $359.00 

    Giant donation $25.00 

    Giant Freeze Pops $45 (-$25.00 donation) 

    Balance 9/1/21: $141.53 

    Open Discussion - no additional items 

    Closeout: 08:05pm 

    Thank you!