May 5th, 2021 

    Meeting Minutes


    Meeting started at 7PM



    Mr. Stachelek

    Karin Palmer

    Linsie Jonas

    Smitha Nair

    Julie Jorgensen

    Rose Thornberry


    Julie Jorgensen started by saying how well Teacher Appreciation Week was going. All days had something special planned and there were a lot of donations and support.


    Old Business:


    -Spirit Wear Fundraising Update: Linsie gave a report on how much has been sold so far.


    -Teacher Appreciation Week We have had so many donations that we were able to plan 3 very full days of treats.  The Student Council was handling the other two days via messages to the teachers. Linsie Jonas gave an update on what funds we had and what we had purchased for the week. 


    -Warrior Wardrobe Update: We discussed when to go into the school and organize the clothes for the Warrior Wardrobe. Both Julie and Rose have a lot of donations to supplement the wardrobe and it was determined that the clothes organization would be best done in June when there would be no students present. 


    Looking Forward:

    -Spirit Wear: Spirit Wear sale is continuing until May 20th. This is the last sale of the school year. Spirit Wear will be delivered before school lets out for the summer.

    Google Doc Link to order GAMS Spirit Wear below:



    -Back to School Plan: We discussed the PTO having a table at the back to school event as well as any new student events that occur. 


    -Next year’s PTO transition: Linsie Jonas has agreed to take the helm into the next school year. Julie Jorgensen has agreed to stay on in a supporting role until more parents join in with the new school year starting. 


    -The PTO was asked by Mr. Stachelek to help scoop Rita’s Italian ice at the end of school event. It was asked that the at home students be allowed to join. The PTO will provide 2-4 members to help out.


    -Linsie asked that the link to the awards ceremonies be shared with the parents. Mr. Stachelek said that could be done.


    -Julie thanked everyone for their support and expressed what a joy it has been to create and grow the PTO at GAMS alongside Karin Palmer these last few years. She said how wonderful it was that Linsie had agreed to take the helm into next school year.


    Meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM.