April 14, 2021 

    Meeting Minutes


    Meeting started at 7PM



    Mr. Stachelek

    Karin Palmer

    Linsie Jonas

    Smitha Nair

    Stacey Rice



    Karin Palmer ran the meeting.


    Old Business:


    Spirit Wear Fundraising Update was given by Linsie. She let us know what was sold and what we have in stock.


    St Paddy’s Day Treats: Teachers and staff loved the Girl Scout treat bags that Karin and Julie made.


    Warrior Wardrobe Update: Heather Miller is organizing volunteers to work on the project. Julie Jorgensen picked up a good amount of clothes/donations from the High School clothes closet and has them in her garage awaiting a date to drop them at the middle school.


    Dubbs Karate Fundraiser Update: 250.00 was raised. Thank you to Stacey Rice for setting up the fundraiser. Check was presented in front of GAMS with Julie Jorgensen, Mrs. Herb, Mr. Stachelek, and Vince and April Fannon in attendance. 


    Book Fair Update: Stacey Rice worked with Mrs. Guy  to promote the virtual book fair. 736.00 was made which is much better than last book fair.


    PSSA Donuts and Coffee: Linsie Jonas coordinated with Giant to give the PTO a 50.00 gift card which almost covered the purchase of donuts and the PTO picked up RAGGED EDGE coffee to treat the teachers and staff at their PSSA planning meeting. Teachers loved it!


    Karin gave a shout out to Stacey Rice and Wendy Brubaker on doing an awesome job on the Facebook and Instagram sites!


    New Business:

    Teacher’s Appreciation Week:

    We still would love to get donations in. The lunch is proving difficult to fund as we have 91 people to feed.

    The links to the Sign-up Genius and GAMS PTO PayPal are below:


    Donations can be sent via PayPal to our GAMS PTO PayPal link below:

    Payments can be made via PayPal to the following account: PayPal: PTO4GAMSpayments@gmail.com

    PayPal.mePayPal.me/PTO4GAMSpayments (Linsie Jonas is the name associated - please select friend/family, not a business so we do not pay a fee) 


    Teacher Appreciation Schedule:

    May 3rd: Breakfast items, fruit, coffee (Smitha Nair checking bakeries for coffee and breakfast items) Steve Rice to donate coffee…a big thanks!)

    May 4th: Caitlyn McBride and Students Council are doing thank you notes for the teachers.

    May 5th: Coffee and Treats from State Farm (hopefully) Popcorn and treat bags from PTO.

    May 6th: Student council thank you to teachers!

    May 7th: Lunch for 91 Teachers and Staff with Mr. G’s ice cream coupons! 

    Linsie Jonas is working ideas for lunch…need more funds to do a proper lunch for 91 people.

    Karin got the Mr. G’s coupons free…thank you Mr. G!!


    Admin asked for PTO to sponsor prizes for teachers…10, 15, 25 and 35 dollar gift cards from local businesses.


    Spirit Wear final sale of the year: Closing date May 10th. 

    Google Doc Link to order GAMS Spirit Wear below:



    New PTO Member Update: Getting new PTO members for next year’s PTO was discussed. Having a table at the Back to School night was decided to be the best avenue. Also sending out flyers to 5th grade parents was thought to be a good idea.


    Smitha Nair contacted Linsie Jonas, who volunteered to take over operation of the PTO as Julie Jorgensen and Karin Palmer’s daughters will be moving to the High School, and stated she would donate funds to start the GAMS PTO for next year. Thank you Aura Integrative Medicine and Smitha Nair!


    Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.