March 10, 2021 
    Meeting Minutes


    Meeting started at 7PM


    Mr. Stachelek
    Julie Jorgensen
    Karin Palmer
    Linsie Jonas
    Smitha Nair
    Heather Miller
    Samantha North
    Nicole Norris
    Stacey Rice
    Julie Jorgensen opened the meeting with a greeting and then rolled into old business.


    Old Business:


    Spirit Wear Fundraising Update: Still getting orders in for spirit wear. Sale will run until the 21st of March. 
    Linsie Jonas gave a report of our finances. We have 261.00 without the new spirit wear sales. Dubbs Karate let us know that we have 200.00 toward the PTO with the fundraiser which was not included in the 261.00 total. The new spirit wear sales were not included either.
    Valentine’s Day Donuts:Teachers and staff loved the donuts and coffee. Thanks again to Aura Integrative Medicine for donating the donuts and coffee for this event. Thank you to Starbucks for donating 2 of the 5 coffee jugs as well!


    New Business:


    Spirit Wear Fundraiser: Sale continues and 3-4 of the SOTT vouchers have been claimed. We have gotten 12 orders in so far for this batch.
    We still have a XL long sleeve t-shirt, 2 L short sleeve t-shirts, and a 2XL short sleeve shirt available for immediate pick up if wanted.


    Google Doc Link to order GAMS Spirit Wear below:


    St Patrick’s Day: We have purchased items for the goodie bags with donated money and PTO funds. Cookies were donated, bananas are being provided, and the bags will be assembled so that the cookies are fresh for the teachers. A BIG thanks to Kelley Riley for making our tags and flyers. She is awesome! The treat bags will be dropped off on Wednesday morning, March 17th, for the teachers and staff to enjoy.

    Warrior Walk-in Closet: The PTO is looking at doing a drive to supply the GAMS clothes closet. The name Warrior Walk-in was introduced and accepted. Using a Sign-Up Genius to facilitate the drive was discussed and asking for all new items for this spring drive was decided. A box will be placed at GAMS to collect the items. Volunteers will collect the items and organize and stock the closet. Volunteers: Smitha Nair, Rose Thornberry, Linsie Jonas and Heather Miller. Julie will send out the information to the volunteers and help in any way she can.

    Book Fair Request: Mrs. Guy asked if the PTO could help to promote the GAMS Book Fair. We discussed ideas and said that the PTO would be happy to help out. We could donate items for the guessing games and prizes for the winners. Stacey Rice offered to work with Mrs. Guy to help promote the Book Fair. 
    Linsie Jonas brought up the idea of adding drawstring bags to the Spirit Wear line-up. This was well received and Julie and Linsie said they would do further research to see if this is a viable option. Also, Linsie mentioned that drawstring bags could be used as prizes for the Book Fair or as incentive for a big book fair order if we were able to get them in time. Stacey Rice suggested offering a free book with a large order. 
    Teacher Appreciation Week:
    Lunch Trucks were discussed for the teachers and staff. Smitha Nair said she would contact food trucks to see what kind of deal we could get.
    Breakfast for the teachers/staff was suggested. Yogurt, fruit, granola, breakfast bars, coffee. It was suggested that donations would be the best way to handle this.
    Happy treat bags were suggested.
    Dough and Ice Cream truck idea was also brought up. 
    Julie asked that if anyone had other suggestions to please contact the PTO4GAMS@gmail.com of text Julie at 717-688-1412.
    It was concluded that the week should be organized and a SIGN-UP Genius should be used to collect all the donations. Teacher Appreciation is the first week in MAY.
    Someone asked if we should do something in April for the Teachers. Mr. Stachelek suggested that a snack table of treats for the PSSA after school meeting would be great. Popcorn and fun-size candies and a drink would be offered to the teachers. Heather said she would inquire about the popcorn. Julie will research cost of drinks and candies. Mr. Stachelek would let us know the dates and arrange the placement of treats. PTO will make signs of appreciation.
    Julie asked for anyone interested in being involved in the PTO leadership for next year to contact her. She and Karin will be leaving as their girls will be going to High School, so there is an opportunity to become involved in the running of the PTO. Julie stated she would be there to help anyone interested…and she didn’t even cry, yet…haha! 
    Julie also mentioned that the PTO has a Facebook site and an Instagram site thanks to Stacey Rice and Wendy Brubaker. Please go and like the PTO pages and let us know what you would like to see posted on them. Also…share them with friends to help us get awareness out to the Middle School Parent Population! 


    Links to both are below:








    Meeting was adjourned at 7:59. Julie reminded everyone that the next meeting was April 14th, 2021. 


    Permanent PTO Meeting  Zoom Link Is Below:


    Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 223 293 7394
    Passcode: GAMS


    Dates for Upcoming Meetings:


    April 14th
    May 5th


    Julie thanked all for taking the time to show up and for their interest in GAMS PTO and helping to make GAMS the best it can be!