January 13, 2021 Meeting Minutes

    Time: 7PM, Virtual Meeting


    Meeting started at 7PM



    Mr. Stachelek

    Julie Jorgensen

    Smitha Nair

    Karin Palmer

    Linsie Jonas

    Maria Krentz

    Rose Thornberry

    Michael Jorgensen

    Stacey Rice


    Julie Jorgensen opened the meeting with a greeting and then rolled into old business.


    Candy Cane Holiday Treats were a success. Julie turned it over to Karin Palmer to explain what she did. Mr. Stachelek said all the teachers/staff appreciated them. Julie said she would post pictures that Joy sent of the teachers and the candy cane treats to the website/FB site. 


    Warrior Winter Wishes Program Update: Julie said she received a thank you note from Ms. Weigle at the School District office. Julie mentioned that Warrior Winter Wishes program would be a great thing to do annually.


    Spirit Wear Fundraising Update: Linsie Jonas gave a report of our finances. She said we have 148.00 in available funds.

    New Business:

    Facebook PTO Site: Stacey Rice gave a report on GAMS PTO FB site. She showed us the site and also demonstrated how to get to the GAMS PTO Tab on the GAMS site. Both she and Wendy Brubaker created the site and will monitor it.


    Link to our new GAMS Facebook site is below:




    DUBBS Karate fundraiser: It was decided that we would do a Dubbs Karate fundraiser for the PTO. We will just have to advertise on Facebook and ask the school to send an email out on our behalf and it could raise a good deal of funds so that we could further support GAMS. All agreed this was a viable course of action.


    Spirit Wear sale continues…orders are due in by January 31st…for a February delivery date. We will post sale to PeachJar, our GAMS PTO tab on the GAMS website, and to the FB site. Mr. Stachelek said he will send the link out to the teachers and staff.


    Google Doc Link to order GAMS Spirit Wear below:



    Valentine’s Day cheer for Students, Teachers and Staff: Friday, February 12th we will provide donuts and coffee for the teachers and staff of GAMS out of the funds we currently have from the Spirit Wear sale.


    Open for IDEAS from members of the PTO:


    Spirit Wear for the PRIDE 5 recipients at the school. There are 8 recipients every 9 weeks. We would like to provide a t-shirt voucher for each winner out of the PTO funds. All agreed.


    Julie asked about trying to get t-shirts to those who would otherwise not be able to afford them. She said she would do some research on how this could work and see how many shirts that there would be to accommodate.


    Meeting was adjourned at 7:45. Julie reminded everyone that the next meeting was February 10th, 2021. 


    Permanent PTO Meeting  Zoom Link Is Below:



    ZOOM meeting link:

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    Meeting ID: 223 293 7394

    Passcode: GAMS


    Dates for Upcoming Meetings:


    February 10th

    March 10th

    April 14th

    May 5th


    Julie thanked all for taking the time to show up and for their interest in GAMS PTO and helping to make GAMS the best it can be!