• GAMS PTO Meeting Minutes
    November 11, 2020
    Start time: 7PM
    End time: 7:45 PM

    Noah Stachelek
    Julie Jorgensen
    Karin Palmer
    Rose Thornberry
    Stacey Rice
    Linsie Jonas
    Ankur Vyas
    Donna Alban

    Julie Jorgensen gave a report about the success of the Parent-Teacher Conference Snack Bag event and thanked everyone for contributing. She also apologized for not having a bag stuffing meeting as it was too cold to do so outside.

    Mr. Stachelek thanked the PTO and seconded that it was a success. He said there would be pictures of the event that he would forward so we could update the PTO tab on the GAMS website.

    Warrior Winter Wishes Program: The PTO has sponsored a family. Linsie Jonas and Julie Jorgensen will create a SignUpGenius when the specifics of the family are known so that people can go to contribute specific items for our sponsored family.

    Spirit Wear: Options for spirit wear were shown and discussed. The idea of having an order for the holiday season was popular. Karin Palmer is talking with print companies and Kelley Riley is working on a final design. Maroon and Gray were the colors discussed for the t-shirts and sweatshirts and one member asked if a t-shirt with just a front design would be available. An order form will be created and posted to the GAMS PTO site. We will ask that it also be emailed to parents and teachers and perhaps posted to Peach Jar.

    Yoga for the teachers was discussed. Linsie Jonas went over the options for a Yoga instructor and Mr. Stachelek suggested that there may be a time the near future to make this happen. It will have to be funded by the PTO as there is no budget for this type of expenditure at the school.

    PTO has been asked to help research indoor recess items by an 8th grade science teacher. We discussed how to fund this and Mr. Stachelek stated that there are some funds for this type of expenditure to benefit the student body. Ping Pong tables and Corn Hole games were suggested. Julie Jorgensen asked for other suggestions and other possible ways to fund this endeavor were discussed.

    Treats for Teachers: Morale boosting items for the teachers/staff at GAMS were addressed. Julie Jorgensen suggested small candy treats for the cubbies. Funding for this was discussed.

    Fund Raising: The question of whether or not the PTO should do fundraising was raised. Joe Corbi had contacted the PTO about using them as a fundraiser. Selling foods that have to be stored cold during Covid was thought to be a bad idea, so other types of fundraising were brought up. Julie asked for members to email or text her ideas…and many did (YAY!). Many ideas were discussed, such as sandwich sales, mail order fundraisers, garage sale type of events, and a recycling drive. The possibility of using spirit wear as a fundraising event was discussed.
    It was thought that fundraising would be good to help the PTO support GAMS.

    Cookies for Christmas: Edith Pigeon could not make the meeting, but she is looking into the bakery that does beautiful cookies for possible Christmas treats.

    Julie asked for anyone interested in continuing the PTO efforts next year please contact her as her and Karin’s daughters will be going to the high school next year.

    Julie asked that people please contact her any time with ideas and suggestions.
    Julie Jorgensen

    It was a great meeting! Julie stated the next meeting would be on December 9th and thanked everyone for coming.