• GAMS PTO Meeting Minutes

    October 21, 2020

    Start time: 7PM

    End time: 7:55 PM



    Noah Stachelek

    Julie Jorgensen

    Smitha Nair

    Stacey Rice

    Linsie Jonas

    Edith Pigeon

    Ankur Vyas

    Nese Ozgur

    Donna Alban

    Wendy Brubaker


    Julie Jorgensen gave a recap of what has happened since the school was forced to close in March: Teacher Appreciation Lunch from Paneras and Welcome Back Donuts.


    Mr. Stachelek gave us a report on how school is going. He emphasized how the teachers really appreciate the PTO’s efforts and a moral boost is always welcome.


    Discussed the Grab&Go event and the way to contribute via SignUpGenius. Timing and bag assembly were gone over and it was decided that Julie would send out an email/post a few dates/times if people wanted to socially distance and help with the bags they could. 


    Warrior Winter Wishes Program: It was decided that the PTO would sponsor a family (Hopefully a GAMS family) Linsie Jonas volunteered to help Julie create a SignUpGenius that people could go to contribute specific items for our sponsored family.


    Parents were shown how to access PTO information on the GAMS website by Mr. Stachelek.


    There were a lot of great suggestions on how the PTO could contribute and help GAMS:


    Ankur mentioned that getting the teachers/students outside for an event would be a great way to boost moral. From this suggestion,  the idea of Yoga for the teachers was introduced.


    Yoga class for the teachers (Linsie said she would get the information of a local yoga instructor)


    Skate Night event for a moral boost for the teachers/staff. Edith said she would gather some information. Maybe this would be a good end of year event?


    Window writing praise for the teachers from the students. Mr. Stachelek said this could be done during lunch and he could spearhead this effort. It was mentioned that this may be a way that the Student Council could be involved during Teacher Appreciation week.


    The idea of having State Farm come back and do coffee for the teachers was discussed. It was well received last year and everyone thought it would be great to do it again. Julie said she would ask Karin Palmer to reach back out to them to see if the would be willing to mask up and come back. Julie felt that more hype so that everyone would know when they were coming and take advantage of the treat was needed.


    Cookies for the teachers for the Holidays…one beautifully decorated cookie from a local baker for each teacher was mentioned. Edith said she would get the information for the PTO. Great idea for holiday treat. How to fund this was discussed. Ideas to do that are welcome!


    Putting notes into the cubbies for the teachers was mentioned…this may be a great way to boost moral. Maybe a fun sized candy with a note of appreciation for each teacher/staff. 75 teachers/staff is the number Mr. Stachelek gave us.


    GAMS T-shirt sales for a fundraiser were discussed. The wonderful design contest winner from last year’s t-shirt design contest  was shown and Julie said she would reach out to the Art Teacher to see if the design could be tweaked to add a little more of what GAMS was about. It was thought that this would be one design for a GAMS T-shirt that would be for sale. Julie said she would reach out to Karin Palmer to continue the effort to get a few t-shirt mock ups prepared for fundraising…perhaps by winter break? Julie asked if anyone had ideas on what to put on the t-shirt to please let her know. Mr. Stachelek stated that the arrowhead was a better design to use instead of the crest.


    Julie Jorgensen’s contact info was given out and she asked that people please contact her any time with ideas and suggestions.

    Julie Jorgensen




    It was a great meeting! Julie stated the next meeting would be on November 11th and thanked everyone for coming.