October 21st Meeting Agenda

    Time: 7PM, Virtual Meeting


    Welcome Back!


    Roll Call: Introductions and how has everyone been doing?


    President recaps what has been done since March 2020


    -Teacher Appreciation Lunch

    -Back to School Donuts


    Vice Principal’s Report: How new school year is going and what the school’s needs are.


    Looking Forward:


    -Grab&Go Teacher Appreciation Bags for school conferences

    -Warrior Winter Wishes Program (PTO to sponsor a family?)

    -November/December Teacher Self Care Treats 

    (Pay it Forward Concept)

    -Happy Holidays gifts for Teachers and Staff


    -Open for IDEAS from members of the PTO…


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    Meeting ID: 223 293 7394

    Passcode: GAMS


    Dates for Upcoming Meetings:



    November 11th

    December 9th



    January 13th

    February 10th

    March 10th

    April 14th

    May 5th


    Thank you for taking the time to show up and for your interest in GAMS PTO and helping to make GAMS the best it can be!