Back to School Donuts!!

Welcome BACK to GAMS's AWESOME Teachers, Staff, Parents and Students!

  • Welcome back from GAMS PTO. We are grateful to have the opportunity to have our students attend school in a variety of ways this school year. Because of the uncertianty that COVID-19 brings, GASD and GAMS have stepped up to the plate and done an amazing job of offering all families education opportunities that best suit thier comfort levels.

    We at the PTO appreciate the efforts by the staff and teachers to keep all running smoothly. On the first day of school, we dropped off 9 dozen donuts from DUNKIN DONUTS to help welcome them back and let them know they are important and valued!

    Please feel free to reach out with ideas on how we, the PTO, can continue to support GAMS. We are looking to see if there is an interest in virtual ZOOM PTO meetings and socially distant ways to keep letting the staff and teachers of GAMS know how important their efforts are, especially in these trying times!

    Please contact us at or call/text Julie at 717-688-1412 with any questions or suggestions. We hope that everyone has had a great start to the new school year!