• February 2020 PTO Meeting Minutes


    GAMS PTO Meeting

    Wednesday, February 12th


    Meeting Started:  7:00 PM

    In Attendance:

    Julie Jorgensen, Karin Palmer, Rose Thornberry, Roxanne Kahn,

    Linsie Jonas, Smitha Nair, Linnia Johnson, Edith Pigeon, Sara Bugler, Assistant Principal Noah Stachelek


    Julie Jorgensen ran the meeting.

    Notes were taken by Karin Palmer.


    Discussed Teacher/Staff Valentine’s Donut Appreciation: Heart donuts for the teachers and staff will be donated by Smitha Nair’s business, Aura Integrative Medicine.


    Elections were held for all the PTO positions. After asking for nominations for each position, a vote was taken and the PTO positions were filled.  They are as follows:               

    President:  Julie Jorgensen

    Vice President:  Karin Palmer

    Treasurer:  Linsie Jonas

    Secretary:  Still Vacant

    Rose Thornberry will be bookkeeping for all volunteer clearances.


    Student Council Sponsored Movie Night was discussed:  Roxanne Kahn and Rose Thornberry (and PTO) will assist the Student Council with movie night. It will be a fundraiser for the Student Council.  Movie Night will be held in the GAMS auditorium. Popcorn with be allowed, PTO will help with candy and treat bags, and all will help clean up.

    Student T-shirt Design Contest:  Linnia Johnson, GAMS Art Teacher, informed us that there were 14 entries by the students to design a GAMS T-shirt .  They chose the best three and the PTO chose the winner.  The winner is:  Haylee Bolinger.  The t-shirt was considered for the 2020 Field Day, but since Haylee’s design was excellent but didn’t have a Field Day theme, Julie Jorgensen thought we should ask her to design one that is more Field Day oriented.  Gettysburg Dental Association will fund the t-shirts so that every student will get one. 

    Assistant Principal Noah Stachelek suggested that it would be great if starting next school year all 6th graders would get GAMS t-shirts when they entered the school.

    Teacher/Staff Appreciation (TSA) Week – May 4th – 8th   

    Proposed Schedule:

    Monday: Treat bags for the Teachers/Staff (Done by Edith Pigeon)

    Tuesday: Student led appreciation effort/post it notes on doors

    Wednesday: State Farm Insurance coffee bar with the fancy coffees and pastries for the teachers. We will put up notices for this so that all teachers and staff are aware and it is more widely attended by teachers and staff. 

    Thursday: Student led appreciation effort/bring in teacher’s favorite treat

    Friday: Lunch for the teachers and staff.  Salads, soups, pizza and box lunches were all discussed but no decision made as of yet.


    Sign up Genius for this week will be handled by Sara Bugler.

    It was decided that Rose and Linsie would visit the Student Council at their meeting the next day to see what they felt would be appropriate for the students to do for teacher/staff appreciation.


    End Of Year Events

    Field Day: ½ Day per grade.  Needs to be very organized and controlled.                                           

    Julie Jorgensen asked the PTO to send in field day ideas.

    Some ideas mentioned were Dunk Tank, games, cotton candy, relays.

    Rita’s Italian Ice Celebration on the last day, second half.


    Julie Jorgensen stated that the Book Fair Coordinator discussed PTO helping with next book fair. asked for help.  

    Vice Principal mentioned that the Eighth Grade Social coordinators may ask for PTO help. 


    Special Thanks to Kelley Riley for all her graphic design assistance with PTO items.


    Next Meeting March 11th

    Meeting adjourned at 8:15