•  GAMS PTO Meeting 

                                                       Wednesday, January 15, 2020


    Meeting Started:  7:00 PM

    In Attendance:

    Julie Jorgensen, Karin Palmer, Samantha North, Rose Thornberry, Roxanne Kahn,

    Linsie Jonas and Smitha Nair


    Julie Jorgensen ran the meeting.

    Notes taken by Karin Palmer


    Winter Concert - Discussed what GAMS PTO did at the concert. Two nights we had a stand giving out the Candy Cane Congratulations to all the band and concert members.  A signup sheet was available to encourage new PTO members and we picked up a few.  See pictures on GAMS PTO website.


    Coffee Bar For Teachers – Discussed the Coffee Bar that James Strand of Michael Ball’s State Farm Insurance did for the Teachers/Staff.  Fancy coffees and pastries were enjoyed by everyone.  See pictures on GAMS PTO website.


    T-shirt Designing Contest – Discussed the contest that Ms. Johnson, GAMS Art Teacher, is running for the kids to design a “what the school means to you” t-shirt that the PTO can sell.  This contest ends January 20th and then we have to decide who will pick the winner.  It was discussed that this could also be a give away        t-shirt?  Possible ways to pay for it …. Karin Palmer talked to Michael Ball about donating, he would donate $200.  She talked to Americana Souvenirs and Gifts and they will make us the t-shirts for $5.00 each.  It was also discussed that we could ask several local businesses.  Maybe Gettysburg Dental could donate?  Smitha Nair suggested maybe putting a request on the Local Business Facebook  page.  Also, discussed the possibility of GAMS paying for t-shirts.


    Movie Night – Lauren Nell, Student Council Advisor, asked for the PTO’s help with doing a movie night for the students in the early spring.  There was a question as to who might want to handle this.  Roxanne Kahn said she would take point on this one.  Julie Jorgensen is attending the Student Council meeting on January 23rd to give them our ideas and see what their ideas are.  It was agreed that we all thought this would be something the PTO should help with.  Where to have the movie night received several ideas: In the GAMS Theatre if popcorn is allowed, outside with possible contingencies for bad weather, or maybe the Majestic/Gateway Theater as all the questions of mess and liability are handled.


    Forming PTO Board – Does anyone want to take the a position on the PTO board?  All the position duties are on the PTO website.  If so please contact Julie Jorgensen on PTO website, PTO4GAMS@GMAIL.COM. Linsie Jonas said she would be willing to be Treasurer.


    Teacher Appreciation Week – May 4th – 8th   Lunch, Coffee?  Will James Strand come in again to do a coffee bar morning for the teacher appreciation week?  Possible goody bags, using sign up genie again. It worked well last time.  Get kids involved…. Write thank you notes to teachers!  Possible business cards from local businesses donated as a raffle for teachers.  Hollabaugh’s donation possibility?  Need to brainstorm Teacher Appreciation Day!  It was decided that it should be Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day.


    End of Year Event – Maybe a Field Day or a Pizza and Ice Cream Party?  May 26th – 29th or June 1st are possible Field Day dates.  Should every student get a t-shirt?  Should it be a give away or t-shirt form that goes home to parents to buy and maybe even donate a little extra so that all children get a t-shirt?  Maybe an order form and a “suggested” donation towards other children’s t-shirts (and perhaps items to bring(food for charity to go toward a spot to dunk a teacher/staff member into the dunk tank)?  Most agreed that we should send home a t-shirt form to the parents.  Then for the children who don’t get a t-shirt form back from home…… maybe the teachers guess on their size or  ask them their size.  Again suggestions for a business facebook page for donations towards the t-shirts was considered.


    Spring Concert – What can we do for it ?  Anything?  Who will do it?

    Can we help with Socials? Book Fairs?  These are questions that need to be answered.


    Next Meeting – February 12th 7:00 pm

    Meeting Adjourned 8:05 PM