Meeting Minutes
    November 19, 2019 at 7pm in the LGI


    Julie Jorgensen opened the meeting by having everyone introduce themselves and think about the question WHY ARE WE HERE?
    The goal of the GAMS PTO is to (1) enhance and support the educational experience, (2) maintain a close connection between home and school, and (3) improve the middle school environment through parent support.
    Attendees were asked to fill out an information sheet with contact information and ways they would like to be involved in the GAMS PTO.

    Current Business/Projects

    GRAB-N-GO BAGS made for teachers were a huge success. Parents were thanked for their support. The PTA was able to put together 280 snack bags to support and energize the teachers and staff during conferences. The PTO got many thank you notes and emails showing appreciation and support. A special thank you went out to Kelly for designing the tags and Sara for creating the SIGN UP GENIUS.


    ALL FAMILIES ARE WELCOME to join the GAMS PTO. There are a variety of ways to be involved including but not limited to holding an office, stuffing bags, graphic design, volunteer organization (SIGN UP GENIUS), creating flyers from home, sending in support in the form of funds or items, and decorations.

    Job descriptions for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications were discussed and it was determined those descriptions would be put on the PTO website. Julie Jorgensen asked those in attendance to consider volunteering for one of these positions.

    A regular meeting schedule was discussed. The GAMS PTO is looking at possibly the 2nd Tuesday or Wednesday of EACH month.

    There was a discussion as to how the GAMS PTO money would need to be handled. Mrs. Herb was going to see if funds could be run through GAMS. 501c3 was discussed. Parents from James Gettys and Franklin Township shared how PTO funds were managed at each of these schools.

    Volunteers were reminded that they must have clearances. Directions for clearances are on the GASD website. Clearances must be updated every 5 years. Julie Jorgensen offered to answer questions since she has recently gone through this process. Questions can also be answered by calling the front office.

    The GAMS PTO has a tab on the school website. Interested parents and volunteers can go here to find information.

    Future Business/Projects/Ideas

    WINTER CONCERT – further information & request for volunteers will be coming out soon via email and will be posted on the website under the PTO tab.
    Mrs. Herb hopes that there would be an open gallery of student work for the winter concerts on December 5 (6th grade) and December 12 (7th and 8th grade).
    The GAMS PTO would like to have a table and some sort of presence on these nights. Ideas were to have a GAMS PTO table and refreshments or candy canes and chocolate. Mrs. Herb said that this could probably be funded through SWBS.

    SPRING CONCERT – Mrs. Herb shared that last year there was a Difference Makers Museum and that there were plans in the works to continue this for the spring concerts.

    TEACHER APPRECIATION – 1st week in May

    T-SHIRT sale
    This could work as a fundraiser to help cover possible costs of decorations, PTO work, and an end of year celebration such as Field Day or Carnival Day.
    The art teacher will help!

    Mrs. Herb is familiar with running this at a middle school as it was done at a previous school where she worked. It was set up as stations and teacher run. This event was held at the end of the year.

    SOCIALS – next social is January 10
    Socials are sponsored by grade levels.
    Money from snack sales goes into grade level fun.
    Could the GAMS PTO partner and help take the burden off teachers?


    Possible fundraisers – Flowers for Friends, Candygrams, t-shirts, subs, pizzas

    The GAMS PTO would like to help with fundraiser and generate money to support the staff.
    Are funds needed to help with grade level field trips? Mrs. Herb shared that money from the socials and Outdoor Ed fundraiser have funded these so far.

    RACE FOR EDUCATION or a FUN RUN were discussed.

    The GAMS administration commented that there are already lots of fundraisers sponsored by clubs and other groups within the school. This provides a decent cash flow. We want to be careful not to take away from fundraisers that are already in place as we are planning fundraisers for the GAMS PTO.

    Meeting ended at 7:55 PM.