Join us in 2022!

Trips in 2022


    Ask our friendly world language faculty if you are interested in high-quality school board-approved trips.


    Here are our Trips for Spring 2022:



     Marienplatz in Munich




    German students traveled to Prussia, Bohemia, and Bavaria!

    The cities we visited included Berlin, Nurnberg, Dresden, Prague, and Munich!


    April 8- April 16, 2022.
    Primary Chaperone:  Mrs. Wilson 


    Spanish students traveled to Peru


    April 8- April 16, 2022.
    Primary Chaperone:  Mr. Diehl & Ms. Tosh




    2019 Trips:


    Schloss Neuschwanstein


     Germany, Austria Liechtenstein, and Switzerland 
    April 12-19, 2019
    Primary Chaperones:  Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Glassmann, and Mrs. Jacobs



    France and Italy

    April 11-19, 2019

    Primary Chaperones: Ms. Gong and Mr. Trone


    Plaza Mayor, Spain


    12-20, 2019

    Primary Chaperones: Mrs. Dandignac and Mr. Diehl