• Gettysburg Area High School
    Lunch and Breakfast Program Information
    2023-2024 School Year

    A copy of the menu will be posted in your homeroom. The menus are also published here on the District webpage. Menus are available for pick up in the cafeteria.

    There are a variety of entrees including salad bowls, fruit, vegetables and milk flavors available each day for the meal price. You may choose the five components that make up your meal, so it’s important to know and understand them. Below is an explanation of those 5 components. You must take three of the five offered for the meal price and one of those MUST BE a fruit or vegetable. We encourage you to take all five for a “real meal deal.”

    Student Lunches – 5 Components - Students must take at least one serving of fruit OR vegetable with their lunch.
    There are five components of a school lunch:
    1.    Protein (hamburger, hot dog, chicken fries, cheese on pizza, tuna, etc.) Choose one.
    2.    Grain (roll, noodles, pasta, pizza crust, etc.) Choose one.
    3.    Fruit  - You may choose 2 servings
    4.    Vegetable - You may choose 2 servings
    5.    Milk assorted flavors, ½ pint.  Choose One.

    Sample Lunch: One slice of pizza (protein and grain) ½ cup corn, fresh broccoli, a whole apple, milk (5 items) OR one slice of pizza (protein and grain), fruit and milk (4 items).
    Jello, soup, homestyle cookies and cake are occasionally offered as extras. They are provided with the meal at no additional charge. Milk, 100% juice, fruits, vegetables and an assortment of a la carte items are available for sale to complement any packed lunch from home, or any school meal.

    Serving Sizes
    One serving of fruit or vegetable is equal to ½ cup. A ½ cup serving spoon is provided for you to serve yourself. 

    Machines are available in the morning, during lunch and after school. These machines are not available for student use during class time.

    Food Allergies
    In order for the Food Service Department to make a food substitution, a doctor's note must be on file in the Food Service Department. The form for the doctor to complete can be obtained from the school nurse, school Food Service Department or by clicking here. The form must be updated each new school year.

    Food Court Rules
    1.    Backpacks, books, coats and other items may NOT be carried through the Food Service Area.
    2.    All students must enter through the regular entrance location, not through the cashier area.
    3.    A limited number of students will be allowed in the Food Service Area at one time.
    4.    Please do not enter the food court just to accompany a friend.  It creates congestion and slows the lines down.  If you are not making a purchase, please wait for friends in the dining room.
    5.    There is no eating allowed in the food court. Please wait until you get into the dining room and are seated at your table.

    Dining Room
    Students are responsible for maintaining a clean area. Please clean the area where you were sitting before you go outside or return to class. All lost and found items will be sent to the office.

    Field Trips

    When you are going on a field trip, the cafeteria can pack a nutritious lunch for you. The lunch can be debited from your meal account. Please be sure you have funds in the account to cover the lunch. Free and reduced benefits may be used.

    Food Court Surveillance
    The Food Court is equipped with a video surveillance system. Anyone caught stealing will be punished according to the Gettysburg Area School District policy.