Spring and Fall Grant Opportunities for Classrooms, Departments and Buildings

    Each GAEF Grant application window will award a minimum of THREE grants of up to $500 each 

    Applications will be awarded in December 2019 for January 2020 2nd semester implementation and May 2020 for 2020-2021 school year 1st semester implementation

     Innovation & Challenge Grant

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    Grant Application

    GAEF Grants are intended to encourage classroom innovation and challege students and/or help solve funding challenges that are outside the regular annual building or department budget.  GAEF Grants are NOT intended to supplant or replace funds currently built into building or department budgets. 

    GAEF Grant requests must directly benefit student achievement and/or student wellness.  Classroom and building partnerships, as well as community partnerships are encouraged.

    Always feel free to contact Rebecca Krishan, GAEF Director, at gaef@gasd-pa.org for more information or to discuss additional ways GAEF may be able to serve your students.

    GAEF Innovation & Challenge Grant 2019-2020 Application Windows

    IMPLEMENT                  FALL 2019 (1st Semester)              SPRING 2020 (2nd Semester)

    OPEN                        9/9/2019                                            2/10/2020

    DUE                          11/8/2019                                          4/3/2020 

    AWARD                    December 2019                                May 2020