Teacher Mini Grants to be announced on November 26, 2019

    Spring and Fall Mini-Grant Opportunities for Classrooms, Departments and Buildings

    Each GAEF Mini-Grant application window will award up to THREE grants of up to $500 each

    Applications will be awarded in November 2018 for January 2019 2nd semester implementation and May 2019 for 2019-2020 school year 1st semester implementation


    GAEF Mini Grant Application

    GAEF Mini-Grants are intended to encourage classroom innovation and/or help solve funding challenges that are outside the regular annual building or department budget.  GAEF Mini-Grants are NOT intended to supplant or replace funds currently built into building or department budgets. 

    GAEF Mini-Grant requests must directly benefit student achievement and/or student wellness.  Multiple classroom partnerships as well as community partnerships are encouraged.

    The Mini-Grant application will be available on 9/10/2018 opening of the Spring grant submissions.  Always feel free to contact Rebecca Krishan, GAEF Director, at rkrishan@gettysburg.k12.pa.us for more information or to discuss additional ways GAEF may be able to serve your students.

    GAEF Mini-Grant 2018-2019 Application Windows

    IMPLEMENT         SPRING 2019 (2nd Semester)                           FALL 2019 (1st Semester)

    OPEN                  9/10/2018                                                       3/11/2019

    DUE                    11/2/2018                                                        5/3/2019

    AWARD              11/26/2018                                                      5/28/2019


    Congratulations to our Fall 2018 Mini-Grant Winners! 

      2018 Fall Mini-Grant Receipents

    From left: Michael Rupp, high school teacher, Sharon Smith, reading specialist at Lincoln Elementary and Rebecca Krishan, Gettysburg Area Foundation director

    Not pictured: Asha Withers and Amanda Lain, high school teachers

    Each project received a $250 mini-grant from the foundation

    Spirit Night Reward Program - A collaborative effort with four teachers from the high school: Michael Rupp, Max Laing, Shawn Waybrant and Nikki Kubeck
    Improving Literacy Skills - Achieved through Student Read Alouds with KPETS (Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services) dogs, Sharon Smith, reading specialist at Lincoln Elementary
    Gettysburg Watershed Habitat Improvement Project - High school teachers Asha Withers and Amanda Lain