• View Special Services Forms, including IEPS, in Family Access


    As IEPs and Evaluations are completed this school year and beyond, the current forms are being created in Skyward and can be viewed in Family Access. If you follow the instructions below and there are no forms listed for the Evaluation or IEP, that indicates they have not yet been created in Skyward.  When they are, you will be able to view them here. 


    Log into Family Access with your user name and password on the district website by clicking on the Skyward icon.


    Switch to the student for whom you wish to view information by clicking on the All Student drop down list at the top of the Family Access page and clicking on the student’s name.


    Click on the Student Services tab in the left panel.

    Student Services

    This will open the Student Services area. 


    The number of unread forms will be listed in red.

    The Current Evaluation Info information and forms links will be displayed.   Most Evaluation Reports will not be listed unless your student was evaluated during the 2017-18 school year. 


    Click on Display Options.

    Display Options


    A list will appear for the Current Evaluation Info and the student’s IEPs listed by date with the most recent first. IEP dates will be listed for historic IEPs, but there will be no actual IEP forms for any IEP dated prior to the 2017-18 school year.

    Current Evaluation  

    Click on the most recent IEP.  Information about the IEP will display, as well as the list of forms created in Skyward associated with that IEP.


    You may click on View All or on an individual form. View All will take several minutes to run.  Viewing individual forms will take a much shorter time to open the form. 


    View All  

    When the reports are finished running with the View All option, a Report Complete message will display.  Click View Report to see a single report with all the forms included.  This represents the whole IEP.

    View Report

    If you click on an individual form, it will open in a view window automatically.


    From the View window, the report can be read on screen or printed as a hard copy.