• Art is the name for the tools we use to express our imagination. Technology is the name for the tools we use to solve problems. In this art exhibition, we will explore exciting inventions that combine art with technology.


    Students in Grades 2-5 will be participating in the VANGO! experience at Lincoln Elementary this week thanks to the Artist in Residence program provided for by the Gettysburg PTSO.



    The 2017 VanGo! Museum on Wheels exhibition, titled ARTECH, will serve as a multi-faceted demonstration of the symbiotic relationship between technology and art. The Susquehanna Art Museum has selected original, museum-quality works of art, including interactive animation, interactive video projection, 3D print- ing, and digital painting. Several of these pieces were created especially for the VanGo!

    The exhibition will appeal to a broad audience through representation of both local and non-local artists as well as artists working in both contemporary and traditional methodologies. Additionally, a portion of the exhibition will provide art historical examples of the relationship between artistic process and simultaneous technological advancements.



    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the vast majority of jobs created during the next decade will be in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math [STEM]. Between 2008 and 2018 STEM jobs are expected to grow 17 percent compared to 9.8 percent for non-STEM jobs [1]. Accordingly, these four fields have become the national priority of education reform, often at the expense of art.

    An alternative movement called STEAM proposes that we integrate art and design into STEM because the creative process used by artists is a key component to both leadership and innovation. In 2013, a team of researchers at the Michigan State University found that of MSU Honors College graduates from 1990 to 1995 who majored in STEM subjects, those who own businesses or patents received eight times more exposure to the arts as children than the general public [2]. Proponents of STEAM suggest that by successfully integrating art and design into STEM, the future job force will both meet the increasing demand for STEM jobs and dis- play a greater aptitude for invention.

    The intention of the ARTECH exhibition is to supplement STEM school curriculum with art and design using our iconic outreach program, known as the VanGo! Museum on Wheels. We hope to demonstrate the remark- able experiences yielded through the marriage of scientific inquiry with creative inquiry.



    The ARTECH exhibition will be installed on the VanGo! Museum on Wheels through December 2017. During this time, the Foundry Makerspace has partnered with the Susquehanna Art Museum to create the 3D Printing Kiosk. Students will experience 3D printing firsthand with a DeltaGo 3D printer. During their tour of the kiosk, students will brainstorm applications for this exciting tool. 3D printers have existed since the early 1980’s, however, technological advances in recent years have made them affordable for the masses. As our access to 3D printing grows, so does our ability to envision the tranformative impact it could have on our daily lives.




    Developed in 1992 as a response to the needs of a rural student population with limited exposure to museum-quality arts and crafts, the iconic VanGo! Museum on Wheels has since grown into a valuable re- source for the Central Pennsylvania region. The program is intended to give students and community mem- bers an authentic art museum experience which reinforces existing curriculum and standards, while also encouraging deeper relationships with cultural objects. The current VanGo! Museum on Wheels is a 31-foot Winnebago Sightseer retrofitted with a gallery space. Visits include tours aboard the bus, group assemblies, and a group interactive. Exhibitions rotate on an annual basis.




    Ross Tyger is the VanGo! Museum on Wheels Coordinator at the Susquehanna Art Museum. Ross received his Bachelors in Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in History of Art and Visual Culture and the distinction of European Honors Scholar in Rome. Before his arrival at SAM in 2014, he gar- nered several years of professional experience at renowned art museums, art galleries, and art fairs. His prima- ry goal at the Susquehanna Art Museum is to provide the South Central region of Pennsylvania with greater access to engaging, educational, and fun experiences with works of fine art. During visits, Ross leads tours and assemblies which contextualize artwork onboard the VanGo! Museum on Wheels and challenge viewers   to think critically about fine art concepts.


    [1 Employment Projections program, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics]

    [2 Arts and Crafts: Critical to Economic Innovation, Economic Development Quarterly, August 2013 27: 221-229, first published on April 28, 2013]