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    Posted by Pottery & Sculpture Class on 2/18/2019

    Hot Cocoa, by Cheyenne Mathis


    Its mid-October in Pennsylvania. The leaves are changing from green to red, the birds are heading south, the temperature went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper, and people are bringing out their warmest sweatshirts. I took pottery to relax, and to create a piece that is my own. Since the weather is getting cold, I decided to make a nice mug to hold some hot cocoa on the coldest days.

    Video by GASD Pottery & Sculpture Art Students: Savannah Soliday, Lucas Witherow and Molly Stover.

    First, I knead the clay; swinging my body forward and back, pressing down and rolling the clay. Then I took my clay, and headed to the throwing wheel and learned how to center. At first centering was difficult. However, after a few errors, I finally centered the clay. I got excited because then I could finally start to create my mug.  I pressed my fingers in the center to create an opening. Then slowly stretched it out because I want it to hold a lot of hot cocoa. I then smoothed the top, and then wrapped it up for the next day to finish it. The next day rolled around. I removed my cup from the bag, and started to trim the bottom. Next, I had to create a handle that would fit with my cup. I took a piece of clay; rolling it into a carrot shape, then pinched the sides to create a triangle shape. Folding the handle to fit the cup from the bottom to the top, and smoothing it to give it a seamless appearance. Right before my eyes was my finished mug. Off to the kiln it went. Then a nice layer of glaze to give it some color, and to hold my hot cocoa.

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