• Notes from the Office

    1. All notes for absences, early dismissals, and bus passes go to the office in the morning upon arrival.
    2. Every unexcused tardy after the third will result in lunch detention. Students must be in homeroom by 7:25 AM.
    3. If anyone other than a parent or guardian is picking up your child for an appointment during the school day, we need a note signed by the parent or guardian.
    4. If you know your child will have an early dismissal, PLEASE send a note to the office in the morning. This allows us to get the message out to all of your child’s teachers.
    5. A written excuse must be turned in to the office within three days of an absence. After three days it will be considered unexcused.
    6. If your student is absent from school for 10 or more days, you will be required to provide a physician’s documentation for all future absences or late entries.
    7. Trip request forms are due 7 days in advance of the absence and can be found on the website.
    8. Please call the office about changes to your child’s after-school routine by 2 pm.

    Thank you!!!