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    A Tree is Growing

    Genre: Informational Text
    Written By: Arthur Dorros
    Illustrated By: S. D. Schindler


    Story Background







    Vocabulary Strategies

    Word Roots




    Root Word Quiz





    Words with /k/ and /kw/





  • Essential Question

    What are some differences among types of trees?








    Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features


    Target Skill: Domain Specific Vocabulary
    Target Strategy: Question
    Target Vocabulary 

    passages - narrow paths or channels


    spines – sharp, points growths


    tropical – having to do with the warm areas of the Earth near the equator


    store – to put away for later use


    throughout – all the way through


    absorb – take in or soak up


    dissolve – to seem to disappear when mixed with liquid


    clumps – groups or bunches of things, especially plants and dirt


    coverings - the outsides of things, usually serving as protection


    pollen - tiny yellow grains made by flowering plants



    Words with /k/ and /kw/

    1.      shark

    2.     check

    3.     queen

    4.     circus

    5.     flake

    6.     crack

    7.     second

    8.     squeeze

    9.     quart

    10.    squeak

    11.    quick

    12.    coldest

    13.    Africa

    14.    Mexico

    15.    black

    16.    thank

    17.    correct

     18.    question