• Reading:
    Life on the Ice INFORMATIONAL TEXT
    by Susan E. Goodman --- photographs by Michael J. Doolittle
    *Access Student Book 2 start on pg. 136
    Target Vocabulary: shelter, layer, constant, climate, wilderness, region, unexpected, gliding, overheated, colony
    Vocabulary Strategy: Using a dictionary/glossary
    Phonics Skills: Compound words
    Comprehnsion Skills: Main ideas and details -- tell important ideas and details about a topic
    Comprehension Strategy: Infer/predict -- use clues to figure out more about the selection
    Written Language:
    You can put together two words and make a contraction. An apostrophe (') takes the place of any letter or letters taht are left out. Many contractions combine a verb with not. The contraction won't is special. You form it from the words will not and change the spelling.
           Ice-skating is not alwasy a lot of fun.
           Ice-skating isn't always a lot of fun.
           The air was not very warm last night.
           The air wasn't very warm last night.
    You can put a pronoun and a verb together into one word to make a contraction. An apostrophe replaces the letter or letter that are left out.
            My aunt says that she is afraid of snow.
            My aunt says that she's afraid of snow.
            We will drive her home tomorrow.
            We'll drive her home tomorrow.
    Compound Words
    Tic-Tac-Toe Menu -- see attachment at bottom of page

    1. birthday

    2. anyone

    3. sometimes

    4. everything

    5. homework

    6. afternoon

    7. airplane

    8. grandmother

    9. something

    10. without

    11. himself

    12. faraway

    13. sunburned

    14. daylight

    15. someone

    16. cannot

    17. scorekeeper

    18. everybody