• Lesson Topic

    Social Relationships


    Anchor Text

    Two Bear Cubs

    Genre: Myth/Play
    Written By: Robert D. San Souci
    Illustrated By: Tracy Walker


     Story Background





    Vocabulary Strategies

    Prefixes pre-, re-, bi-





    Words with vowel sounds in spoon and wood
  • Essential Question

    How do members of a community help each other?




    Reading Rate






    Target Skill: Story Structure

    Target Skill: Story Message
    Target Strategy: Summarize

    Target Vocabulary 

    ignored - refused to pay attention to someone or something


    hesitation – doubt or uncertainty


    greedily – in an excessive manner


    scolding – using harsh language to correct someone


    drowsy – sleepy; almost asleep


    base – the lowest, bottom, or supporting part of something


    console – to provide comfort to someone in distress


    burden – a load being carried


    heroic - brave


    glancing - looking at something quickly



    Vowel Sounds in spoon and wood

    1.      mood

    2.     wooden

    3.     drew

    4.     smooth

    5.     blue

    6.     balloon

    7.     true

    8.     crooked

    9.     chew

    10.    tooth

    11.    hooves

    12.    cool

    13.    food

    14.    pooch

    15.    blew

    16.    foot

    17.    jewel


    18.    loose