• Essential Question

    What are some benefits of dogs interacting with people?




    When good readers read aloud, they are careful to say each word correctly.  They read with accuracy which means they pronounce words correctly.

    Target Skill: Author's Purpose

    Authors have a reason or reasons for writing.  This is called the author's purpose.  The author's purpose for writing something is not always stated but students can determine the author's purpose by thinking about what the author wants readers to know.

    Target Skill: Point of View
    One way to figure out an author's point of view is to think about the words and phrases he or she uses.  When authors say good things about a subject, that usually means they have a positive point of view about the subject.  If they say poor things, that usually means that they have a negative point of view.
    Target Strategy: Summarize
    Stopping periodically to summarize, or retell the important information, is a good strategy to use for reading informational text.  Minor details should NOT be included in a summary.
    One way to summarize is to first determine and list the main ideas, then put these main ideas together in one statement.
    Target Vocabulary 

    lying  - resting in a flat position


    loyal - faithful


    partners - two people who work together


    shift - the period of time a worker does his or her job


    quiver- to shake or tremble


    patrol -walk through an area to watch or guard it 


    ability -skill 


    snap - to bite quickly


                                horse                mark
                                storm                market
                                acorn                artist
                                March                north
                                barking             stork
                                thorn                forest
                                chore                restore
                                dark                  story
                                partner              fortune