• Essential Question
    Why is it important to grow food crops?




    When good readers read aloud, they know which words to emphasize to add meaning to the text.  Understanding the text helps readers know which words to stress.  Punctuation and italics can also help readers know which words and phrases to stress.

    Target Skill: Theme

    A story's theme is its overall message or lesson about life.  Understanding the theme can show what message the author wants readers to understand.  Authors usually don't tell readers exactly what the theme of a story is.  Instead, readers must think about the characters and events of a story to draw a conclusion about the story's theme.
    Target Skill: Point of View
    Point of view is how and author, reader, narrator, or story character thinks or feels about the events of a story.  
    Readers may have different points of view about as story from its characters, from its author, or even from one another.  It is important for readers to distinguish among these different points of view when thinking about the story or when answering or asking questions that refer to the text.
    Target Strategy: Visualize
    Pay attention to descriptive details in the text.  The details will help you visualize, or picture, the characters, places, and events of the story.  Descriptive details are words that tell how something looks, sounds, smells, tastes, or feels.  Visualizing the characters, setting, and actions of a story can help you better enjoy and understand your reading.


    Target Vocabulary 

    risky  - dangerous


    profit - the amount of money left after the costs of doing business is subtracted from the amount of money earned


    plucked - pulled off or out quickly


    tugged - pulled strongly


    grunted - made a short, low sound in the back of the throat


    crops - plants that are grown especially those grown for food


    scowled - made an angry racial expression


    hollered - yelled 


                                                           hole            whole

                                                             its               it's

                                                           here            hear

                                                           won              one

                                                           our               hour

                                                           there            their

                                                           fur                fir

                                                           road              rode

                                                          piece             peace