• Essential Question
    How do inventions help athletes?




    When good readers read aloud, they group words together and make natural pauses between phrases.  Readers use punctuation, such as commas, periods, exclamation points, and question marks, to help them know where to pause.

    Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features

    Text and graphic features provide additional information about a text and can help students locate information related to the main text.  One kind of text feature is a sidebar.  A sidebar is set off from the main text in some visual way, often being set inside a box.  A sidebar has information related to the main text, and it may include a graphic, such as a photograph, chart, diagram, or timeline.



    Review Game Zone Text Features 

    Target Skill: Sequence of Events
    A technical procedure is made up of steps that must be followed in order, or sequence.  Doing the steps out of sequence would change the procedure. Understanding how an author shows sequence helps readers understand the procedure described in the text.  Recording steps in a sequence using a Flow Chart will help you remember the procedure described by the author.
    Target Strategy: Question
    Asking yourself questions about what you are reading is a good strategy to use with informational text.  Asking questions beforehand can help you set a focus for reading.  You can also stop during reading to ask yourself clarifying questions about the text to monitor, or make sure you understand what is read.
    Target Vocabulary 

    contribute  - to help or add to


    athletes - people who do physical exercise or play sports


    improve - to get better


    power - strength


    process - the steps taken to complete a task


    flexible - able to bend


    fraction - a part of a whole unit


    compete-  to try to do something better than others



                                          joy            spoil

                                          point          toy

                                          voice         joint

                                          join            boy

                                          oil              soil

                                          coin           choice

                                          noise          boil

                                          come          are   

                                          poison        destroy