• Essential Question
    What important traits must an inventor have?




    Good readers think about whether the words they read make sense.  When a sentence doesn't sound right, they look back to see if they misread and correct their mistakes.

    Target Skill: Main Ideas and Details

    The most important ideas in a text are the main ideas.  Authors use main ideas to organize the information in a text. Authors use details to support the main ideas.  In a biography, the details will add more information about a person's life.
    Main Idea Game
    Target Skill: Sequence of Events
    A sequence is the order in which events take place.  In a biography, an author will often sequence a person's life from birth to death, telling events that happen to the person as he or she moves from childhood to adulthood.
    Target Strategy: Summarize
    As you read, you should stop occasionally and use the main ideas and details to summarize, or retell, the important events.
    Text Organization
    Target Vocabulary 

    invention  - an original device, system, or process


    experiment - a test to find out or prove something


    laboratory - a place where scientists work and do experiments


    genius - extraordinary intellectual power, especially seen in creative ability


    gadget - a small, useful machine or device


    electric - powered by electricity, a form of energy caused by the motion of electrons and protons


    signal - a sound, motion, or other sign that sends a message


    occasional -  happening from time to time


                                                             talk            cross

                                                            awful          law

                                                            cloth          cost

                                                            crawl         chalk

                                                            also            raw

                                                            salt            wall

                                                            lawn           always

                                                            soft           small    

                                                            often        strawberry