• Essential Question
    How is a live performance different from other kinds of entertainment?




    When good readers read aloud, they know when to vary their intonation, or make their voices rise and fall.  Using appropriate intonation will help you better understand the text.



    Target Skill: Cause and Effect



    Target Skill: Analyze Illustrations
    Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify
    Target Vocabulary 

    familiar  - well known because it is experienced often


    applause - clapping to show that something is liked


    vacant - empty


    rickety - shaky or likely to fall apart


    blurry - unclear or smeared


    blasted - made a sudden, loud noise


    jerky -moving in sudden, uneven, or awkward ways


    rude - not being polite; having bad manners 



        clown        round

         bow             cloud

         power          crown

         thousand      crowd

         sound           count

         powder        blouse

         frown           pound

         house           found

         mountain      coward