• Essential Question
    How do pictures help to tell a story?




    When good readers read aloud, they match the expression in their voices to what the text is saying.
    Good readers also think about what a sentence means so they can read it with the right kind of feeling or expression. 



    Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features

    Informational texts contain text features, such as headings, speech balloons, and photo captions, that can help readers locate information quickly.

    Authors often use graphic features, such as illustrations, maps, charts, or graphs, because these visual features can make information easier to understand.

    Text Features Video#1


    Text Features Video #2


    Text Features Video #3


    Rags to Riches - Text Features


    Review Game - Text Features

    Target Skill: Sequence of Events

    The order in which things happen.

    Sequence Word Activity
    Practice Sequencing
    Sequencing Puzzles

    Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

    Ask yourself questions about a selection as you read.
    Look for text evidence to help you answer the questions.



    imagine - to see a picture in your mind


    tools - things people use to help them do a job


    illustrate - to make pictures that show something


    scribbles - drawings or doodles, drawn in a quick or careless way


    sketches - quick, simple drawings


    tracing - copying the outline or shape of something


    research -to search for and study information about a topic



    textures - different ways that surfaces look and feel



         three           throw

         scrap           string

         street         scrape

         spring          spray

         thrill            threw

         scream         strong

         strange        scratch

         think           they

         straight       scramble