• Essential Question 
    What are the traits of a hero? 




    When good readers read aloud, they use intonation.  that means they make their voice rise and fall at the right places so that their reading sounds like natural speech.

    End punctuation marks and commas help you know when to raise or lower your voice. A question mark, for example, tells you to lift your voice a little at the end of a question.




    Target Skill: Cause and Effect 

    Cause - the reason something happens
    Effect - the result of an action

    Identifying cause and effect while reading helps the reader to identify why events happen and the results of these events.
    Cause and effect also helps the reader understand the relationship between events.


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    Target Skill: Literal and Non-Literal Meanings

    Target Strategy: Visualize

    As you read, you can use details to visualize of form mental pictures of the action described in a text. 
    Visualization brings the text to life. It allows us to use our senses and imagination to get a better picture of the story.



    Target Vocabulary 

    pronounced - said the sound of
    stands - seats at a stadium or ballpark
    fans - great admirers
    league - group of people or teams
    score - make a point or points in a game
    polish - to make shine; to make something better
    style - a way of doing something
    slammed - hit with sudden force

                        slight                            mild
                        sight                             pie
                        mind                             tie
                        pilot                              might
                        lie                                 tight
                        blind                             fight
                        die                                midnight
                        find                               night
                        silent                             frightening