• Essential Question
    What makes bats interesting and useful? 


    Stellaluna Video



    Reading Rate

    Good readers read at a rate that is appropriate to the type of text they are reading.  You can read at a faster rate whey you are reading fiction, but you should read at a slower rate when you are reading nonfiction. This allows you to gain a better understanding from your reading experience.


    Target Skill: Sequence of Events

    The order in which things happen.

    Sequence Word Activity
    Practice Sequencing
    Sequencing Puzzles

    Sequence of Events Video

    Target Skill: Domain-Specific Vocabulary

    Vocabulary related to a specific topic

    Target Strategy: Question

    Ask yourself questions about a selection as you read.
    Look for text evidence to help you answer the questions.

    Target Vocabulary 

    twitch - to move suddenly


    detail - one small part of a whole


    swoops - drops down suddenly


    slithers - slides down, on, or through something


    squeak - a short high sound


    dozes - sleeps lightly or naps


    echoes - repeating sounds when sound waves bounce off a surface


    snuggles - lies close together with another thing 



                                         math            cheese

                                         toast           June

                                         easy             elbow

                                         socks           program

                                         Friday          shiny

                                         stuff           piles

                                         paid             sticky

                                         each            both

                                         comb            holiday