•  Essential Question
    Why is everyone's role on a project important?




    When good readers read aloud, they read with expression.  This means that they change their voices to match the characters' emotions, and they use facial expressions and gestures.  Expression makes the story more interesting to hear.  When readers match their expression to the meaning of the story, they and their listeners will understand it better.



    Target Skill: Compare and Contrast

    When you compare and contrast, you find the ways that things are similar and different.  When you compare things, you say what is the same about them.  When you contrast, you say what is different.
    When you read, look for compare and contrast signal words such as like, unlike, same, different, and, but, too, also, and both.


    Target Skill: Story Structure

     Target Strategy: Infer/Predict

    Inferring is similar to drawing conclusions.  When readers infer, they use what they know to figure out things that the author does not tell in the text.

     Target Vocabulary

    foggy - filled with thick mist or low clouds
    stretch - to spread out
    crew - a group of people doing work
    balancing - keeping steady
    tide - the rise and fall of the sea
    cling - to hold tightly to something
    excitement - the feeling of being stirred up
    disappears - passes from sight

                                                 load                                open
                                                 told                                yellow
                                                 soak                                shadow
                                                 foam                                follow
                                                 glow                                 sold
                                                Window                            coach
                                                almost                              throat
                                                cold                                  most
                                                tomorrow                          sailboats