• Essential Question 
    Why is volunteering good for a

    community and its people?



    Reading Rate



    Target Skill: Understanding


    In most stories, the words and

    pictures tell about what the

    characters are doing, but how can

    we tell what they are

    thinking or feeling?  Authors

    have many ways to tell about the

    characters in a story.  They use clues

    such as action words, descriptions, illustrations,

    and facial expressions.  We can

    also use what we know about real

    people and what the story characters

    say,think, and do as clues about

    the characters' feeling and motives,

    or the reasons they act in certain


    As you read a story, you should

    ask yourself, "How would I feel?  

    Why might I think or act that way?

    Why might a real person talk or act

    that way?"


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    Target Skill: Story Message


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    Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

    Good readers analyze or study what they read.  When you analyze the characters in a story, you think about what they did.  Then you evaluate or make judgements about their actions.


    Target Vocabulary 
    1. contacted - got in touch with someone
    2. afford - to be able to pay 
    3. customers - people who buy something at the store 
    4. block - the section of a street between two other streets 
    5. raise - to collect money 
    6. figure - to think
    7. earn - to get something by working
    8. spreading - stretching something out




                            lay                           tea
                            real                          treat
                            trail                         afraid
                            sweet                       leave
                            today                        bait
                            dream                      screen
                            seem                        speed
                            paint                        please
                            yesterday                 explain