• Essential Question
    Why are courts an important part of our government?




    Good readers read words in groups instead of one at a time to make their reading sound like natural speech.  They also pause after groups of words that go together.  
    Punctuation, including commas and end marks, can help readers know when to pause.



    Target Skill: Conclusions

    When we read, we can draw conclusions based on story details.  A conclusion is a smart guess about something the author does not say directly. Good readers use what they know about real life and clues the author gives to draw conclusions about characters and events. We can use an inference map to figure out things not stated directly.


    Target Skill: Author's Word Choice
    Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
    Inferring is similar to drawing conclusions.  When readers infer, they use what they know to figure out things that the author does not tell in the text.


    Target Vocabulary 

    convinced - made someone believe or agree to something
    guilty - having done something wrong
    pointed - used a finger to show where something was
    honest - truthful
    trial - a meeting in court to decide if someone has broken the law
    murmur - the sound of people speaking very softly
    jury - the group of people who make the decision in a trial
    stand - the place where a witness in a trial sits while being questioned 
                            spoke                      mile
                            save                        excuse
                            cone                        invite
                            cube                        price
                            erase                       ripe
                            broke                       flame
                            life                           rule
                            these                        those
                            surprise                    decide