• Mrs. Newton, First Grade Teacher

    Phone extension:  334-6254, X4, X7219


    • We will use a Promethean Bd. for daily activities which is an interactive board that the kids can manipulate.
    • We also have lap-tops and iPads that the students may use.


    Kids Lunches:  $2.25

    Adult Lunches:  $3.60

    Milk.55 cents

    Menus (lunch and breakfast) are sent home at the beginning of every month. 

    • Your child is given 3 choices daily.
    • It’s a good idea to go over the choices with your child before they come to school so they have an idea what to choose when they get here.
    • If your child packs they can purchase milk.
    • Send check or cash in to put on the Electronic Point System in your child’s account. Put the check or cash in an envelope with your child’s name on it and my name. 
    • You can send any amount of money in.
    • Make checks payable to GASD Food Services.
    • I know times are tough, so if you need free or reduced lunch, be sure to bring back your application, it can really help you out.



    • Healthy choices like pretzels, cut up fruit, granola bars, string cheese…more items are listed on my webpage if you need more ideas.
    • Birthdays you can send in cupcakes or brownies—something that doesn’t need to be cut.
    • Please also send in napkins.
    • Snack is greatly appreciated, as I cannot always afford to buy snack—you can buy things at the dollar store.



    • Your child’s homework will come home in the homework folder with a homework stamp on it.
    • They will be getting homework every Mon—Thurs for EDM.
    • There may be occasional homework in Lang. arts, as well.
    • Homework is expected to come back the next day…consistently late homework does affect your child’s grade on the report card. It is important for your child to practice the skills we learn and the homework also gives me a good indication of whether or not your child is having trouble with the concept we went over.  You can always right a note on the homework if your child doesn’t understand it and I will be happy to help him or her with it.
    • Please make sure your child has their name on their homework so they will be sure the get credit for doing it!
    • You will be getting Family Letters in math that will tell you what concepts we are working on at that time and also tells you how you can help your child with answers provided.



    • Conferences will be in November.
    • Morning and evening times will be available.
    • We will only be sending out 2 report cards this year, January and May.



    • I have supplied them with a pencil bag, pencils, crayons, an eraser, and a glue stick—we do have extra glue sticks and pencils when needed. I also give out new crayons throughout the year.
    • We have scissors available for the class.
    • Just check with your child periodically to see what they may need. I do try to make sure I have enough supplies to meet their needs.
    • We do often need Kleenex, so if you can send in a box of Kleenex that would be appreciated.


    Specials:  We have a 4 day cycle.  All specials will be held at the same time everyday.

    • Day 1—Art 2:20—3:05
    • Day 2—Music
    • Day 3—Gym
    • Day 4—Lib


    • Our reading curriculums are Journey’s and Fundations. In Journey’s we have whole group instruction and small group instruction which is guided reading, and writing. Through Fundations the students learn phonics and phonemic awareness.
    • Journey’s student books are in your student’s desks that we read from.
    • We read phonics readers together and independently. I put a homework stamp on the phonics readers because it’s a great idea to read the copied phonics readers to your child and have your child read them to you. The more practice, the better!  Even if they seem too easy, reading them helps them improve their fluency and boosts their confidence. Reading is one of the most important things we teach in first grade!  They need lots of practice.
    • Through Fundations the students learn letters, letter sounds, and letter formation.
    • Fundations bins are by the windows with their workbooks, writing boards and letter tiles.
    • We do have Reading Recovery for those that may need it.

    If a paper comes home to sign it’s a good idea to sign it and send it back right away, as Reading Recovery is good support for your child.

    • We also offer ELL services for those that may need it.
    • In some cases, the child would be taken out of the room for very short periods of time to work one-on-one with the Reading Recovery teacher, or in small groups with an ELL teacher and in other cases the Reading teachers and ELL teachers will be pushed in for extra support. It all depends on the needs of the child.
    • Grading: we will be giving lesson tests for Journeys, and unit tests for Fundations and Math.
    • The first Journey’s test came home that we did altogether, and we will do the first 4 tests altogether. Some changes were made, however, to the test format, and those changes are that there will be no cover sheet for your child’s grade—we will mark directly on the test, and we will be testing Vocabulary skills or Comprehension skills (one or the other) every week.
    • Grades will show on the report card as Advanced (95—100%), Prof. (75—94%), Basic (65—74%) and Below Basic (0--64% and less).



    • Our curriculum is called EDM.
    • We learn new things everyday. Things like counting, addition, subtraction, patterning, number words, less than/greater than, measurement, calendar activities, working with manipulatives, reasoning skills, and the discovery and use of concepts.
    • Report cards will be marked A, P, B, and BB. Again, look for the majority of the grades to be P.  The math is very rigorous with rigorous expectations.
    • The math concepts will vary from term to term as well. They are not related to one another from term to term.  Concepts don’t build on each other like they do in reading, so it is possible to get a P in one strand one term, then get a B in that same strand the next—they are totally different concepts being taught.



    • In science we have a rock unit (which our field trip to Indian Echo Caverns ties into) and an insect unit.


    Report Card:

    • Our report card is done on the computer.
    • Look for A, P, B, BB, and for S.S. and Work Habits: E, G, S, U.


    Field Trips

    • We go to Indian Echo Caverns every year.
    • We do take chaperones depending on how much room there is on the bus. PTO pays for our busing, so we can’t get any extra buses.


    Volunteer Policy:

    • Volunteers that are here on a regular basis or want to go on field trips will need to have background check clearances. The turn-around for this is 48 hours.
    • You will also need a TB test.
    • Volunteers will get a badge.
    • PTO has information in the lobby if you are interested in volunteering.



    • If your child is absent, please send a note in with them the next time they come to school.
    • You will be fined after 3 days of unexcused absences.


    • It is very important for your child not to miss school because we do so much in just a day.


    • If there is any kind of change in your child’s schedule—how they are getting home, doctor’s appts, etc…, we need a note. Please let me and the office know of this change as soon as possible.  If you can let the office know before 2:45 it makes things run a little smoother for them.



    • You may want to send a sweater or sweatshirt along with your child to leave at school, as it does tend to get chilly in the room at times.
    • Most of our information comes home in English and Spanish. One side English and the other side is Spanish.
    • Not all things they bring home will be in Spanish because we need a translator and we don’t always have enough time to get it translated.
    • For more information, you can check out our District website and teacher webpages, which is a work in progress since we have a new webpage this year.
    • You can also email me or call my school number. The school website is gettysburg.k12.pa.us
    • The secretaries are Mrs. Sharon Marin and Mrs. LuAnn Klunk here at Lincoln, and the Principal is Mr. Steve Fehringer.
    • We will have Show and Tell every Friday. Your child can bring anything they want to show on that day, but nothing breakable or valuable. 
    • This is optional.


    Whale Done:

    • Our whale is called Terrific.
    • We will be working collaboratively as a school to create a positive learning experience for the students, doing things as a school and in our individual classrooms. It will be incorporated with our Character Counts program.


    Arrival and Dismissal:

    • Arrival time is 8:20—8:35. Drop your child off by the café. pulling the whole way down to the corner.
    • K-3 walkers need an older brother or sister or adult to walk with them. They may not walk alone.
    • Pick up time is 3:20. You must come to the doors to meet the child.