• The goal at ACTP is to prepare students to be well rounded for the industry; this includes appearance as well as education.

    It is required that all students maintain their personal appearance to the highest standards.

    ACTP is constantly monitoring the industry so that we are in tune with the expectations of the industry.

    The professional attire at ACTP has been designed to be comfortable and practical.

    Students are responsible for laundering their own professional attire.

    Professional attire should be clean before the start of each class.

    Students are expected to report to class in a clean uniform.

    Any student who does not wear the appropriate uniform for class will be given a zero for their professional behavior for that day.

    All uniforms must be purchased through the Tech Prep Program.

    Order forms and other details will be discussed the first day of class.


    Law Enforcement Uniform Requirements 

    ACTP Polo Shirt

    Long sleeves (navy and light gray)

    Short Sleeves (navy, royal blue, and light gray)

    Khaki Type Pants (navy or khaki colored)

    Black sneakers or boots (clean and polished) with socks

    No open toe shoes or flip flops

    No Tongue or facial piercings

    Rings on hands, necklaces and any type of large ornate earrings need to be removed before any hands on instruction.

    Professional standards apply for length of hair: boys must have short hair off the collar, no beards but mustache is allowed and girls must wear their hair up when involved in hands on instruction.