• Resumé and Job Applications

    Resumes and job applications are the first impression that you make on a prospective employer.  What do you want your first impression to say about you? 

    Here are some tips for filling out an application:


    Create a "cheat sheet" to take with you that has any information you might need for a job application.  This way you will have all relevant information in one place so you can complete the application.  Here are the items you should include:


    Home and Cell phone numbers

    Email Address (make this a professional sounding email address, using your name)

    Driver's License # and expiration date

    Work history (include company and supervisor name, address, phone, salary, dates of employment, and reason for leaving)

    Educational history (include address and phone numbers of high schools attended)

    References (address and phone number of references (do not include relatives) **Note: you should ask references before you list them on an application!

    Social Security #: You will need to provide this if hired, but it is okay to not provide it on the application.  You can write "available upon hire" or something similar.

    Special skills or certifications (including computer skills and all certifications)

    Other qualifications (information not listed elsewhere on the application)

    **When filling out applications, use black or blue ink.  Make sure you read the directions before you start the application.  Be neat.  If they can't read it, they will throw it out.  Be concise.



    -Resumes should be visually appealing and well organized. 

    -Check your resume for spelling and grammar errors. 

    -Include educational history, work history, volunteer experiences, and other qualifications.  Be concise, and use action words.

    -Describe your soft skills (communication skills, people skills, time management skills, leadership skills, etc).


    I am more than happy to meet with any student who is interested in creating or reviewing their resume.