• Arrival/Dismissal

    • 8:10-8:35 Students go to the LGI room or breakfast.
    • 3:20-3:30 Car riders/walkers are escorted to the cafteria entrance.  Bus riders are called and escorted to their buses
    • For your child's safety, please do not drop him/her off early.  If your child is to ride a different bus home or is to be picked up (instead of riding the bus) a note is required.  If someone else will be picking your child up, that person's name must be on the enrollment form in the office.



    If your child is absent, a note must be sent to school stating the reason for the absence.  If possible send a doctor's note



    We have snack everyday around 10:30.  You will be responsible for sending in a snack each month that will be enough for the entire class.  Please look at the snack calendar to find out your snack day.  Snacks should be send to school no later than 10:00.



    Please dress your child in comfortable clothes that are easy to get on and off when going to the bathroom.  No flip-flopos, or slippery soled shoes.  Sneakers are best.  I also highly recommend sending an extra set of clothes in your child's backpack in case of an accident.  Please send the clothes in a bag with your child's name on it.  They will stay in your child's locker until they are needed.



    Your child ONLY NEEDS a backpack and a lunchbox (if they are packing a lunch).  Please LABEL all items sent to school (i.e. backpacks, coats, mittens, etc.).



    Your child will receive a folder with his/her name on it.  THIS FOLDER WILL NEED TO GO BACK AND FORTH FROM HOME TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY.  Please clean out the folder DAILY.  



    Our newsletter will be sent home every Thursday along with homework.  The newsletter will list what we've done that week, important dates, and homework.